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Released: 2007
Director: Phil Barry
Notes: Pumpkin Film Production
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Running time: 101 mins.

Dirty Debutants is the R18 version of a series Phil and Pascal shot for TVX. Armed with a couple of hundred quid, the pair hope to entice 'new' girls from the streets of Bristol to start a career in porn. Of the girls approached, three aren't really first timers, Emily, Paige and Roxanne having a string of movies under their belts. Only Polish girl Melissa can be considered a true debutante.

On a beautiful sunny day, Phil moans on about the lack of planning while Pascal is on the hunt for girls. He spots Emily on the other side of the road and dives through the traffic, with Phil following. Out on her lunch break, she laughs and giggles when the two explain what they want. In the end, she agrees to go back for a shoot. Making their way over Phil's roof terrace, Pascal fondles her boobs through her white t-shirt. A debate ensues about the size of Emily's breasts. To resolve the problem she takes off her top and bra to show the label 32e. Lounging back on a wooden bench, Pascal takes his prick out. Emily bends over to swallow it. A finger rubs against her smoothly shaven snatch as she sucks. Easing her black panties aside, Pascal enters Emily doggy. The seat creaks as he pulls her back onto his lap. She turns to face him. Picking Emily up, she hangs around Pascal's neck to be shagged. Lying on her back, her pussy gapes with the pounding. Pascal pulls out and wanks his load into Emily's mouth.

When the girl Pascal has booked fails to turn up, he hits the streets for a replacement. Red-haired Roxanne would be ideal, but first Pascal wants to squeeze her tits. Back on Phil's white leather sofa, the boys notice a tattoo peeking above Roxanne's trousers. Pascal pulls them down for a better look. His fingers accidentally slip into her wet pussy. Roxanne strips and lies face down. Moving behind her, Pascal rams in his prick. The pair sit up and with her pussy full of cock, Roxanne rocks back on Pascal's lap. Their bodies getting sweaty, the two shag missionary then doggy. Pascal turns Roxanne upside down to drive his dick into her pussy. She tugs at her clit as she's banged. Phil wants to see something a little different. Trapping Pascal's shaft between the soles of her feet, she wanks him. Sitting up, Pascal showers his spunk over Roxanne's face. She wipes it off and licks her fingers.

Standing by the river, Pascal spies Paige walking towards him in a pink crop top and jeans. She doesn't take much persuading to go back to the studio. Wasting no time, Pascal eases his hand into Paige's bra. Fumbling with the belt, he peels down her jeans to reveal some skimpy white knickers. With howls and whoops from Phil, Paige lets Pascal caress her body. His hands move down from her tits to her pussy. Stooping, his tongue flicks out over her bald beaver. Opening her mouth wide, Paige accepts Pascal's prick between her lips. She splutters and spits as the tip hits the back of her throat. Pascal sits back, letting Paige slide down his wet shaft. Twisting herself around, she grinds against his balls. The two fall onto their sides. Kneeling forward, Paige is fucked doggy. She thrusts back into Pascal's groin. A little missionary and Page slides onto the floor, mouth open for Pascal's cum. Dribbling over her chin, it plops onto her tits.

Over at the University, Pascal picks up Polish student Melissa. Keen to show her some traditional British hospitality, he whisks her off to Phil's studio. The pair settle on a big black sofa. Melissa loosens her bra to aid Pascal's roaming hands. As he bites at her boobs she reaches for his trousers. Cock out, Melissa gives him a blow job. Tugging at Melissa's knickers, Pascal gazes at her plump pussy lips. He slips his prick past them as she sits on his lap. The pair twist and turn on the black leather. Missionary moves into doggy which evolves into spoons. Melissa finally ends up riding reverse. Pascal pulls on his plonker till Melissa's mouth is full of cream. She dribbles it back over his cock.

As with many of Phil Barry's films, there is an air of informality about the shoot. His banter with Pascal and the girls results in a relaxed atmosphere during the performance. OK, each scene is basically the same, but with Phil's skill and experience, both with the camera and in the editing suite, they don't appear repetitive or boring. Not all the girls may be debutantes, but it doesn't stop this being a good film to watch.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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