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Released: 2007
Director: Tanya Hyde
Notes: Harmony XXX, widescreen
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Running time: 155 mins.

The Harmony/Hyde collaboration have been setting the standard for Eroto-Fetish movies, winning plaudits and praise from around the world. Deviant follows their philosophy of filming the most stunning girls in 'unusual' settings and adding the element of Sexy Hyde Kink to make it a cut above the rest.

Men at Work
Flashing up images of hammers and spanners, drills and lathes, there's no doubt the first scene is set in an engineering works. The camera follows a pair of towering red heels and long, long stocking clad legs, as they climb the stairs towards the office. Pinstripe suited Kiera settles down in her swivel chair, flicking through a book of erotic art. She licks her bright red lips. In the workshop below, Danny and Steve sweat away while Kiera peels down her frilly pink panties to play with her pussy. Turning on a vibrator, she presses it against her clit. With sparks flying from the machines, Kiera enters - clip board in hand. She notices Steve, tucked behind a lathe, cock in hand, and Danny, wanking over a 'girlie' calendar. Her jacket off and blouse unbuttoned, she approaches the boys. Crouched among the metal shavings, Kiera laps at cock. Her tongue works its way along the boys' chebs and over their balls. Her head turns from side to side as she sucks. Strings of spit moisten her blouse. The two paw at her breasts and bum with their dirt encrusted hands. Probing Kiera's arse, Danny slaps on a dollop of cleanser. With her mouth full of dick, an industrial style steel toy is screwed into her bum. Kiera turns. Her legs spread, she takes a shiny metal rod in her pussy. With Kiera bent over a bench, Danny jabs his cock into her pussy. Suspended from the overhead crane, in a cradle, Kiera is filled at both ends, her naked flesh covered in grime from the pair. The pair bang away at Kiera's bum, spraying their spunk on her cheeks.

House of Pain/House of Pleasure
In a black lace basque with her nipples peeking over the top, Alicia flogs a tethered Jay with her whip. Discarding her gown, she turns Jay round. With each thwack on his cock she becomes more and more excited. Grabbing his prick in her gloved hands, she shoves it into her mouth. He flinches as her teeth tighten on his shaft. Alicia forces it past her tonsils. Her saliva dribbles over his balls. Attaching a lead to his collar, Alicia pulls it between her legs. Jay ends up with his face in her arse. His tongue flicks out towards her pussy as she grates the chain across her clit. A strap-on attached to Jay's chin, his head bobs towards her cunt. Next door, maid Gem Sparkle is cleaning the bathroom with Kiera watching. Bending forward, he eases down her white knickers and parts her pussy lips. Gem gently rocks back against his fingers.

Released from his ropes, Jay works a large glass dildo into Alicia's arse. Her hole stretches to take the bulbous head. In her heeled ballet shoes, Gem kneels on a stool. She wanks at Keiran's cock as he screws a plug into her bum. Alicia's boobs sway as she rides Jay's prick. Gem and Keiran enter for her to dominate.

Down on all fours, Gem and Keiran fuck doggy style. Alicia comes over to lap at the pair. She takes him away and the two shag spoons on a rug. Gem balances on a pair of bars. Her hanging bum is an open invitation for Jay. Throwing her head back, he thrusts into her pussy and arse. Climbing down, Gem lies to be filled missionary. Keiran cums over her tits, then Jay jerks his jizz into her mouth.

Bound to Please
The lovely Lolly dangles precariously by her ankles over an empty swimming pool, in black latex stockings and suspenders. A red jewelled plug is jammed in her bum. Clad in a tight red rubber dress and matching beret, Michelle Thorne slowly walks round, tapping Lolly's pussy with her whip. Bending forward, she reveals her dress has no backside. Lolly reaches out and pokes her tongue into the bare arse.

A hooded Ian Tait is fastened to a cross. Jasmine, in pink rubber with her boobs hanging out, teases his prick. Hunkered down in her white fishnets and red high heels, Jasmine slips the cock between her lips. Her hand reaches down to stroke at her pussy. Ian clenches his fists as her tongue darts over his balls.

Changed into a rubber 'cat woman' suit, complete with head piece and ears, Lolly is tied face down on a trolley with her bum sticking high in the air. Michelle, now in transparent latex, runs her fingernails over Lolly's bum cheeks and laps at her arse. Lolly lets out a moan as she's fingered and spanked.

On a simple white chair, Jasmine opens her legs. Released from his ties, Ian kneels before her. She pulls his black hooded head into her snatch. His clit licking makes her nipples stand erect.

Michelle pushes a big black dildo deep into Lolly. Her pussy lips stretched, she shouts out for more. The trolley wobbles with the action. Moving to the corner, Michelle crouches for a pee then returns to Lolly, ramming the dildo into her arse. Standing, Lolly's legs are stretched with a chrome T bar. Michelle guides the top of the tool into Lolly's bum. Pulling and slapping her pussy, Lolly cums.

Down on all fours, Jasmine gets a gas mask wearing Ian to fuck her from behind. Covered in oil, Michelle is now alone. With a huge red toy planted in her pussy, her body twitches and pulsates as she slides it in and out. Crying, she climaxes... Jasmine rides Ian cowgirl, then lets him empty his load over her bum.

Dominance Submission
In a murky green light, the shape of a body can be made out sandwiched between two latex sheets. Standing over the vacuum packed Elle is Michelle B, in black rubber and a peeked cap. Her hands caress Elle's form. Released from her rubber wrapping, a plasma wand is run up Elle's legs and over her pussy. She bites at her lips as Michelle cradles the sparking bulb against her cunt. Michelle's attention is drawn by a suspended Lee Henshaw, dressed in black leather with a dog face mask. Yanking down his trousers, his dick disappears between her lips. Michelle fingers her pussy as she swallows.

Elle finds herself bent double and locked in a small cage. Steve and Ian poke their pricks through the bars for her to suck. In the cramped conditions, Elle moves from cock to cock. Straddling a leather clad box, Michelle pulls at her bum cheeks waiting for Lee to enter. Turning over onto her back, she smears Steve's shaft over her face as she's fucked. With an arse full of cock, she gets spit-roasted.

Wearing a spiked collar and thigh length black boots, Elle sinks Steve's manhood into her hairy muff. Placed on an examination chair, the pounding continues. Steve pulls out to shower Elle's pussy in cream. Discarding her cap, Michelle flicks back her long blonde hair and wanks Lee onto her tongue.

Deviant is another outstanding release from Harmony/Hyde, showing Tanya Hyde's mastery of this Eroto-Fetish genre. With imaginative settings and top class camera work, the atmosphere and action in each scene is spot on. Top marks too for the performers. Bound in rubber or hanging upside down, they were all brilliant. The production team's meticulous attention to detail ensures there's not a hair out of place, or a second wasted in any scene - standards others should aspire to. Even if you don't think you're into this type of movie, give it a try. Deviant is arguably the best Harmony/Hyde film to date.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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