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Released: 2008
Director: Kojo Black
Notes: Sweetmeats
Alternate Titles
  • Doppel D Doppelt besamt! Magma
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 180 mins.

For those who appreciate quality Britporn, the arrival of a new title from Kojo Black and his team at Sweetmeats is both a rarity and a welcome pleasure. Double D-Tails cleverly weaves together six scenes of b/b/g action. Each girl has to act out her most dirty ambition with two guys, then pass the task to her friend via a text or videophone message as soon as her act is complete. This chain-shagging contest is called Cockswap and each girl has to be dirtier than her predecessor.

During an extended shower, Alexis Silver gets a text message from her friend Katie, who has thoughtfully already despatched Clarke Kent and Brett Rockman to her house. No sooner has Alexis opened the front door, wearing just a towel, than she's kneeling naked with a cock in each hand. Alexis gets fucked in the pussy in plenty of positions, by both guys, on a black leather sofa, before taking their cocks up her bum in reverse cowgirl. The scene ends with Alexis smothered in cum sending a video message to Alexis May inviting her to join the chain.

Alexis picks up her message while walking naked through a hay meadow. She has to return to Alexis Silver's house where Danny and Jay Snakes are waiting, naked, for her on the sofa. Alexis doesn't need to be asked twice and is quickly naked too, taking both cocks in her mouth before getting fucked on the sofa and on the floor. Fucked in the arse from behind by both guys, Alexis ups the ante by sitting on Danny's cock cowgirl and taking Jay's cock up her back passage for a minute or two. Alexis takes two cum loads over her face and magnificent chest before passing a picture message to Brooke Jameson...

...who recruits Clarke and Jayce Xaveri with a video message. She turns up on the guys' doorstep gagging for it. They ease Brooke's ample enhanced tits out of her tight black bolero top. The black pants and panties follow and once everyone is naked, Brooke sits between the two guys swapping cocks in her mouth. Laid on her back on a pine sideboard, Brooke is fucked by Clarke and takes Jayce in her mouth. Moving to the sofa for end to end spoons and doggy, Brooke then bends over the sideboard, naked apart from black stilettos, for the boys to take turns with her arse. Clarke fucks Brooke's arse in reverse cowgirl but that's as far as it goes and the guys deliver a double facial after which Brooke reaches for the phone.

Michelle Barrett seems to have no introduction to the game but, after undressing and oiling her naked body on a bed, she knows exactly what to do with the hard cocks of Jay and Danny when they hove into view. There's quite a bit of foreplay before Danny slips balls-deep into Michelle's pussy doggy style, continuing in spoons with Jay's cock in her mouth. Jay slips out of the picture for a while but once Michelle mounts Danny in cowgirl, Jay slips right back up her arse for a vigorous DP. There follows more solo anal in doggy and reverse cowgirl. The scene ends with cum over Michelle's face and tits and a quick text.

Completely naked in a garden, Shay Hendrix lies on her back on a blanket. She's sensuously oiling her body and fingering her pussy when the text from Michelle arrives. Slipping on her shoes, Shay walks to the front door where Tony James and Jon James are waiting. Shay watches the boys undress in the hall then, after the briefest of foreplay, Shay is on her knees halfway up the stairs with Tony fully up her pussy. Tony continues fucking her on the stairs and the sofa before Jon swaps places and Shay lowers her bum onto his cock. More anal on the sofa and the floor, where Shay takes DPs in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl and two cum loads over her face.

Teoni is also stark naked and lying on a bed when Shay's message arrives. She descends the stairs to find Danny and Jon at her front door. The guys follow Teoni back to the bedroom where they both spit-roast her in a variety of positions on the bed. Teoni slips Danny's cock up her bum in reverse cowgirl while Danny moves to fill her vacant hole. The scene ends with two excellent facials and one final call.

Although this is a film aimed at lovers of women with large boobs, lovers of anal sex and lovers of group action, it transcends these genres with sumptuous locations and exquisite lighting which generates atmosphere and yet preserves the view of every inch of every cock slipping into every moist hole. The excellent male cast provide all the wood necessary while the girls, all well-fleshed, look supremely sexy as they move around their houses in the buff. Particularly Shay, whom the camera tracks walking through her garden and house to throw open the front door for all the world to see. All the girls perform as well and as dirty as I have ever seen them - from the experienced Alexis, Teoni and Michelle, to the newer Shay and Brooke. Kojo has toned down the overblown voice overs from previous releases and let the visuals do the talking. Although traces remain on the individual scene menu pages. An excellent film that deserves an award and will repay repeated watching. Superb.

Review by Bayleaf
April 2009

Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle's view:

When a group of friends dare each other in a game of Cock Swap the results are, inevitably, long sessions of hot, hard sex. For the girls who are taking part in the challenge the call can come at any time. All that is asked is that Alexis May, Alexis Silver, Brooke, Michelle, Shay and Teoni are ready to tackle two cocks at once.

Standing in a shower, Alexis Silver massages soap over her boobs. Her hand slips down to her pussy and she pops in a finger. The phone rings. It's her turn to be as naughty as she can. Opening her front door, she finds Brett and Clark standing on the step. She ushers the boys in. Dropping to her knees, Alexis pulls out the pair of pricks and licks them. Brett and Clark reach down and tease her shaven pussy. With a cock in each hand, Alexis yo-yos back and forth taking them in her mouth. Clark eases himself between her legs while Alexis sucks at Brett. The boys swap places. She sinks down onto all fours. More movement from the three and Clark stuffs his cheb into Alexis's arse. Twisting and turning on the sofa, Alexis's bum gets banged. She pushes herself up to ride reverse. Her boobs sway freely with each bounce. A change of cock and Alexis slams down against the boys' thighs. She's going to climax... Her face and boobs spattered with spunk, Alexis takes a photo on her phone. Who's next in the dare?

Wandering naked through a field of long grass, Alexis May finds a clearing in which to spread out and sunbathe. No sooner has she settled down than she gets the message. Danny and Jay are waiting for her at home. Walking in, the boys strip off Alexis' striped top and yank down her shorts. She responds by undoing their pants and chewing some man meat. With their dicks disappearing into Alexis' mouth, the boys fondle and lick her breasts. Knickers off, Jay places Alexis on the sofa and delves between her legs. His fingers and tongue dart over her pussy and clit. Gagging on Jay's cock, Alexis gets her fanny filled by Danny. Trapping Jay's wet shaft in her cleavage, Alexis falls on her side to be shagged by Danny. The three fall to the floor for Alexis to sit on Jay's prick. She gasps as he enters her arse. Mounting Danny cowgirl, Alexis drops forward. Jay jabs his cock into her open bum. Crouching between the boys, they jerk their jizz on Alexis' face and tits.

Receiving an e-mail, Clarke and Jayce open the front door to find Brooke dressed in a black waistcoat and trousers. Entering the lounge, Jayce assists in the unbuttoning of Brooke's togs. She grabs at the boys' cocks and begins to wank them. Sitting in a swivel chair, Brooke finds she's at just the right height to lick dick. Spreading her legs, she lets the lads play with her pierced clit as she sucks away. Brooke climbs onto a desk and Clarke slips in between her legs. She turns her head to taste Jayce's prick. The guys change over and Jayce gets a chance to probe Brooke's pussy. Carried across the room, Brooke is placed on a couch where Clarke proceeds to fuck her, spoons. Standing up, Brooke bends forward. Her eyes close as Jayce eases into her arse. Clarke then moves in to fill her bum. Brooke takes one, then the other, as the boys plug her bum. She drops down on to her knees as Jayce and Clarke get ready to shoot their cream. It trickles down her cleavage.

Michelle removes her bright red top and denim skirt to smear herself in oil. She slowly caresses her slippery boobs and rubs the shiny stuff over her shaven snatch. Stretching out on a bed, she starts to finger herself. Jay and Danny are summoned over to help. Wrapping her fingers around the boys' staffs, Michelle guides their members to her mouth. Moistening a finger, Jay slides it into Michelle's pussy and bends down to lick. Danny leaves his cheb resting on her lips. On her hands and knees, Michelle wants to be fucked by the pair. Jay fills her mouth and Danny her pussy. With the bed gently rocking, Michelle bites at the bed clothes. The boys hammer away between her legs. Mounting Danny cowgirl, Michelle wants Jay as well. He squeezes into her arse. She turns to try the pair the other way round. Ready to cum, the boys empty their loads over Michelle. She licks the last few drops of spunk from their cocks.

Lying on a rug in the garden, Shay is exploring her oil covered body when she receives a message from Michelle. Popping on her shoes, she wanders through the house to let in Tony and Jon. Closing the front door, Shay fingers herself as the boys strip. Leading them over to the stairs, Shay sits down and starts to swallow man meat. Turning to kneel, Tony enters Shay from behind. She grabs at Jon's shaft to steady herself and pops it into her mouth. Tony sits down, pulling Shay onto his prick. She tastes her handiwork. Jon enters her empty pussy. The three move to the chaise lounge. Jon wanks as he squeezes Shay's tits. Tony shags her spoons. Biting her lip, Shay slips Jon's cock into her arse and rides. Down on the floor the anal activity continues. This time Tony adds his prick to Shay's pussy. The boys swap places in their double dicking, then shower Shay with spunk.

In her cluttered bedroom, Teoni is oblivious to the shagging in the hall below until the door bell rings. Shay gives her a hint at what to expect. Back in the bedroom with Danny and Jon, Teoni settles herself on a chair with a cock in each hand. She pulls the boys in turn towards her lips. Teoni's tongue flicks out over their dicks. Stretched out on the bed, Teoni laps at the boys' balls. They finger and munch at her shaven muff. Danny fucks Teoni doggy. Jon is content to tug his todger over her face. Flopping Teoni onto her back, the two try out her pussy. She eases Danny into her arse. Jon joins in stuffing Teoni's pussy. The three squirm round on the bed in a DP frenzy. Covered in cum, Teoni picks up her phone for a photo.

The idea of girls competing in a Cock Swap challenge is a nice way of linking six boy/boy/girl scenes together and carries the viewer through the film. Well shot, well performed and crammed with hard hot action, there's a good mix of established and newer stars, including the welcome return of Teoni to our screens. Set yourself an evening aside to watch this three hour epic or, alternatively, spread it over several nights. Double D-Tails is worth it.

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