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Released: 2009
Director: Vicki Holloway, Ric Porter
Notes: Portway / Union Films
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Running time: 140 mins.

Shot in 2005 when Donna Marie was at her 'dirtiest', Portway, in collaboration with Union Films, have released six new to DVD scenes showcasing her naughty talents.

Lying on the bed in a fur trimmed black negligée, Donna stares longingly across the room to Tony James. He slowly wanders towards her. Donna makes a lunge for his shorts and wraps her lips tight round his shaft. Pulling her panties aside, Tony spreads Donna's pussy lips and starts to lick. She moans as his fingers and tongue probe. Boobs out of her negligée, Tony bites at her erect nipples. She holds his head in her cleavage. Bent over on the bed, Donna is fucked from behind. Tony hammers in hard. The two twist round. With her tits dangling in Tony's face, she slams down on his dick. Turning to reverse, Donna jams Tony's length in her arse and rocks. Flopping back on the fur bed throw, the pair bang away. Tony pulls out to empty his load over Donna's face.

Sitting either side of a large dining table, Donna and Alicia's hands slowly move together. Leaning forward, the girls kiss. Donna invites Alicia to sit on her knee. Easing her boobs out of her silver evening dress, Alicia lets Donna squeeze and suck at her nipples. The pair press their breasts together. Dribbling a mouthful of wine over Donna's pussy, Alicia licks and fingers. Her tongue darts over her clit. Climbing onto the table, Alicia stretches out. Her silver dress opens, letting Donna lap between her legs. Taking a banana from the bowl, Alicia fills Donna's fanny with the fruit. Slowly peeling it, she tastes the juices. Kneeling, a red jel dong is screwed between Alicia's legs and a glass rod popped into her bum. Donna eases a ribbed blue vibe into her arse. The girls masturbate till they climax.

Donna is expecting a romantic encounter as Pascal hands her a silk rose. He ushers Penelope, clad in a fishnet body stocking, into the spacious bedroom. The girls sit side-by-side and flash their pussies at Pascal. Kneeling between the pair he fingers their fannies. His prick out, Pascal feeds it into Penelope's mouth. Donna rubs and pulls at his balls. Grabbing the cock, Donna shows how to swallow, taking Pascal to the hilt. Penelope drops on all fours to be fucked doggy. Donna sits beside the two, cramming a rabbit into her cunt. Dripping with sweat, Pascal moves between Donna's legs and thrusts in deep as she jabs a toy into Penelope's pussy. Rolling onto her side, Donna is shagged spoons in the arse. Pascal pulls out to give the girls a facial. Picking up her panties, Donna cleans up the cum and pops them into her mouth.

Identically dressed in red stockings and panties, Donna and Karen stand either side of a large double door. Coming together, the pair kiss and caress. Tongues flick out over naked flesh and nipples as hands enter knickers. Crouching, Karen rubs at Donna's clit and plants her lips on her pussy. Donna's mouth moves down Karen's body to explore her sex. Sinking to the floor, the girls finger and poke. A vicious looking spiked rabbit is pushed into Karen's pussy. Her body trembles with pleasure. Down on all fours, a long jel dong is stuffed deep into Donna. Karen works it till Donna climaxes. Side-by-side the two masturbate till they orgasm.

Donna has brought her friend Suzie along to help christen Tony's new sofa. Positioned either side of him, the girls legs intertwine and Donna's erect nipples poke at her tight white top. Undoing Tony's jeans, the pair pull out his prick. Suzie locks her fingers round his length while Donna fondles his balls. Her white lace dress off her shoulders, Suzie lets Tony lick at her pert breasts. His head turns to Donna and he bites at her boobs. Suzie drops her head to take Tony's manhood in her mouth. Donna swaps places to suck at the shaft. Clothes off, Suzie lies on top of Donna while Tony fingers the two. Plunging his prick into one girl then the other, Tony yo-yos between the pair, then drops back on the sofa. Suzie grabs the opportunity to ride him reverse while Donna loads her arse with a toy. Turned upside down, Donna is pile driven in the arse. Suzie tongues at Donna's clit as she's fucked. The girls lie open-mouthed waiting for Tony's jizz. He jets it onto their faces.

Playing pool, Donna bends over the table in her pinstriped lingerie and black stockings to take a shot. The door opens and maid Mesulime (as Anais) enters with a drink and a cigar. Wrapping her red lips around the large Cuban, Donna takes a drag. With the smoke slowly seeping from her mouth, she lifts Mesulime's skirt with her cue. Boobs out of her bra, Donna beckons Mesulime to lick her tits. The maid's tongue dances over her erect nipples. Climbing onto the windowsill, Mesulime eases her black panties aside. Donna digs her fingers into the shaven snatch. Mesulime's top undone, Donna mauls at her pert breasts. A glowing vibe is pushed between Mesulime's legs. Her body twitches. Dropping her knickers, Donna moves over to the pool table. Mesulime thrusts and jabs at Donna's pussy. A spiky vibe is used on Mesulime's arse. Donna DPs herself with a bright red rod and a rabbit.

Whether the action is boy/girl or girl/girl, Donna is hot and sexy throughout the film. Helped, of course, by a strong supporting cast. Well shot and well produced, this movie is a must for all Donna fans or those who just want to see how dirty this girl can be. A great film, well worth watching.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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