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Released: 2009
Director: Kendo
Notes: Daring
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 101 mins.

Stylish and stunning is the only way you can describe Kendo's film The Dance. In sepia and other muted tones, we begin with a ballet dancer slowly turning. Her image dissolves into the first scene. The dancer links the 5 sections of the film together, reappearing between each scene slightly more entangled and entwined by ribbons and rope as the film progresses.

Wearing tan seamed stockings and black and white Oxfords, Valery runs gloved hands across her legs. Her white blouse open to the waist, she admires herself in the mirror as her silk covered fingers reach her pussy. She opens her legs. Watching, something rouses in a guy's trousers. Pulling out his gland, he holds it tight. Moving towards him, Valery stoops, wrapping her dark red lips around his shaft. Wetting his fingers, he caresses Valery's bum as his dick disappears down her throat. She straightens up. He kisses her nipples, then crouches down to tease her clit with his tongue. Straddling his length, Valery slowly sinks down on his rod. Dropping onto her back on the green leather Chesterfield, she's taken missionary. On the floor now, the guy plants his prick deep into Valery's arse then cums over her face. His cream drips onto her boobs.

In a white fur wrap, Havana stands against a wall, her tattooed fingers stroking the gilt frame of a mirror. Juxtaposed with images of the ballerina, a top hatted guy quietly watches as her fur coat slips from her shoulders. Havana picks up a large plastic phallus and places it in her mouth. Undoing his flies, the guy shows her the real thing. His latex covered hand reaches out for her pierced nipples. He pulls and bites. Grabbing his cock, Havana feeds it into her mouth, her lips working their way down to his balls. She wanks at the wet shaft then places her leg high on a cast iron radiator. The guy slips into her pussy from behind. Havana catches a glimpse of herself as she's being fucked. The guy drops down to tongue her swollen pussy. Havana rides the guy's staff till he's ready to release, then takes his load over her bum.

Eve Angel sits, tapping her black high heels and playing with a string of pearls round her neck. She crosses her legs as Natalia, in a tight ankle length latex skirt and crimson red silk blouse, approaches. Natalia reaches out for Eve's boobs. Leaning forward, the laces down the back of her shiny black skirt pull tight. Seeing Eve slip her hand into her white tights, Natalia licks her lips. Yanking down the nylons, Natalia assists in the fingering. Eve manoeuvres to push her pussy into Natalia's face. Peeling off the skirt, Natalia probes herself then turns her attentions to Eve's pussy. A buzzing silver vibrator sets her juices flowing and Natalia laps them up. Her silk blouse open, Natalia drops back. It's her turn to try the toy. Panting and her body trembling, Eve pounds it into her pussy. The girls kiss and caress.

A studded collar round her neck, Willow lies on a plush red sofa in the middle of a checkerboard floor. Sucking on a big black toy, Willow turns her head to be confronted by a cock inches from her face. She swallows. The images inter-cut with Willow in her black latex dress, jamming the toy between her legs and the guy ramming her hard. Down on the black and white floor, Willow fills her bum with a set of love balls. The guy moves in, thrusting deep into her arse. He fires his load over Willow's stomach. It forms a rivulet and flows over her pussy.

Kelly-Marina, wearing stockings and black heels, stands in front of Mark Sloane and Pascal, her hand fondling her fanny. Easing her boobs out of her black bra, she teases the pair. The boys tug at their pricks. A red ribbon holds back her blonde hair. Kelly-Marina bows to take Pascal's prick in her mouth. Stretching over Mark's lap, Kelly-Marina fills her face with his man meat as he slips a digit into her pussy. Riding Mark, Kelly-Marina leans over to lap at Pascal then swaps to sit on his dick. Guiding one of the boys into her arse, Kelly-Marina gets DP'd by the pair. Placed on the floor with her legs in the air, the two jerk their jizz over her stockings.

By virtue of clever editing, coupled with some sultry performances, Kendo has out Ninn-ed Michael Ninn in producing an erotic artistic masterpiece. Both Kendo and the cast of The Dance should be rightfully proud of their part in producing a film which is one of the best of 2009.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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