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Released: 2009
Director: Dave
Notes: Your Choice
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Running time: 129 mins.

Although he lacks in looks and charisma, Dave has managed to attract a second batch of 'damp tramps' for his Your Choice series. Casting his net further afield, Dave meets up with Crystal, Columbia, Holly, Sam, Kelly-Marie, Kitt and Koko. All are wet and wanting.

Koko (as Tigerr) has come in to clean Dave's hotel room. As she straightens the sheets he uses the subtle chat up line, "Nice arse, bend over the bed". Lifting up her brown top, he caresses her big boobs. Dave's mouth moves towards her nipples and he sucks. Balanced on the edge of the bed, Dave drops his pants. Kneeling, Koko fills her mouth with his cock. Koko's black knickers come off. Dave spreads her pussy lips and teases her clit before sliding his finger into her bum. Taking off his glasses, Koko crouches over his face. His tongue flicks between her legs. Sliding down Dave's body, Koko comes to rest on his dick. A little reverse riding and she flops forward to be fucked doggy. As Dave's cock enters her arse the phone rings, but doesn't stop the two banging away. Pulling out, Dave empties his load into Koko's mouth. Both the room and Dave have been serviced.

Dressed in short dark skirts and tied white tops, schoolgirls Crystal and Kelly wait in the staff room. With no one else around, the duo undo their blouses and bite at each other's boobs. Noticing Kelly is wearing no knickers, Crystal drops to her knees to lap and finger. The girls climb onto the table and are munching muff when teacher Dave arrives. It's off to the Headmaster with the two, but Crystal and Kelly have ways of avoiding their punishment. Pulling out Dave's prick, the pair take turns licking it. Propping herself on the edge of the desk, Kelly feeds Dave's manhood into her pussy while Crystal slaps at her clit. Naked, the two prod and poke at pussy as they swallow cock. Crystal mounts Dave's length and rides him reverse. Bent over the table, Dave drives into the girls, then turns them round to cum on their tits.

Holly (as Lynn) wanders down stairs in her short black dress to answer the door. Dave has come to see about her car. She invites him in. With a dog barking in the background, Holly is told she is in arrears with the car and it will have to be repossessed. Rubbing the front of Dave's jeans, she feels there must be other ways to make payment. Slipping the dress straps off her shoulders, Holly lets the front fall to reveal her boobs. Dave fondles and caresses as she lifts his dick from his pants and sucks. Holly's black panties tugged aside, Dave teases her shaven snatch and pulls her onto his prick. With her dress gathered around her waist, Holly gets her bum spanked as she rides reverse. The couple move to the rug for some missionary and doggy action. Dave shoots his spunk into Holly's mouth. Payment has been made in full.

Standing in the middle of an industrial estate, the wind buffeting the microphone, Dave bets his mate he can shag the next girl they meet. At that moment Sam Shaw walks into shot. Back at Dave's place, Sam removes her jacket. His hands wander over her boobs as she undoes her checked blouse. Licking Dave's fingers, Sam presses them into her pussy. She drops to her knees and wraps her lips round his dick. Holding tight onto his shaft, Sam rubs the head over her tits. The two collapse onto the bed. Dave's tongue dances and darts between Sam's stocking clad legs as she sucks on his prick. Sam wants to be fucked. Lying side-by-side, Dave bangs against Sam's bum as they shag spoons. Climbing onto his shaft, the two bonk cowgirl and reverse. Dave jerks his jizz onto Sam's pussy.

Kitty Kat has a job for Dave at her stables. Her denim shirt unbuttoned, he starts to bite at her boobs. Sitting on a bale of hay, Kitty feeds Dave's cock into her mouth. Squeezing his balls, she dribbles down his length and licks. Dave plants his face in Kitty's fanny. She screws round as he probes her arse with his finger. Breasts swaying, Dave spanks Kitty's bum. She sinks onto his shaft. Down on all fours in the hay, Kitty is filled from behind. As they hammer away, she drops onto her stomach. Rolling onto her back, the banging continues. Kitty ends the scene with Dave's cum in her cleavage.

Placing a towel on the sofa, Dave invites Columbia to strip. She slowly removes her lingerie and stockings and follows Dave into the bathroom. The two enter the shower and soap each other's bodies. Kinky Columbia rubs herself against Dave's prick and stoops to suck. The water runs over her as she takes him deep in her mouth. The two shag in the shower. Dried off, the pair make their way back to the sofa for some mutual masturbation, Dave fingers Columbia's arse. She pokes her tonsils with his dick. Lying on Dave's sheepskin, Columbia has her pert tits tugged as she's fucked, missionary. With a finger up her bum, Columbia slips onto Dave's cheb. A little doggy action and the pair climb back onto the sofa to finish the session with some spoons and reverse riding. Opening her mouth wide, Columbia collects Dave's cum.

Having only one guy in the film could have been a little limiting, but Dave copes admirably with the girls in all the scenes. However, what does let the film down somewhat is the editing. Done properly it should be seamless and serve to enhance the action. But in this instance, the scenes look as if they've been assembled simply by sticking together 30 second chunks of action, breaking the flow. Dave's Damp Tramps 2 is a reasonable watch, but it won't win any awards.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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