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Released: 2009
Director: Kendo
Notes: Television X / Erotic Flesh / Daring
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Running time: 103 mins.

With two hundred films to her credit and a career which saw one of Britain's best and most versatile actresses appearing in movies on both sides of the Atlantic, Renee Richards decided to call it a day after nearly six years at the top. As a parting gift, Renee teamed up with the master of erotica, director Kendo, for her final and perhaps greatest film.

A suited and hooded Pascal waits on a black leather sofa as the almost ghostly image of Renee, in a long red dress and sexy high heels, drifts towards him. Lifting her dress, she bends over to reveal a jewelled plug jammed into her bum. Tongue protruding from his mask, Pascal laps at Renee's arse as she pulls his prick from his pants. Hands grasping tight, Renee wraps her lips around his length. Her head bobs. Removing the plug, Pascal offers it to Renee to suck as she sits on his prick. Biting on a string of pearls, Renee eases Pascal into her arse. The two turn over for some anal riding. Spread out on the table, Pascal rhythmically rams his cheb into her butt. Turning, Pascal continues to pump his cock into Renee's bum until he cums. His cream trickles over her arse cheeks.

Sitting in front of her dressing table mirror, Renee gazes at herself as she sucks on a big black dong. Keisha sits on the other side of the room, legs spread with a bar. A toy nestles against her pussy. Dipping the dildo between her legs, Renee wanders towards Keisha. She shuffles and squirms as her pussy is fingered and tongued. Out of the chair, Renee gets Keisha on all fours. Using her as a foot stool, she probes and pulls at her pussy. Reaching over Keisha's body, Renee parts her lips ready for a double-ended toy. Leaning forward in her rubber corset, Renee pushes her arse in Keisha's face. A toy is eased into the freshly licked bum. Turning Keisha round, Renee uses a vibrator between her legs, then DPs herself with dildos until she climaxes.

Strapped and hooded, Stefan sits motionless while Renee and Paige kiss and caress each other's bodies on the bed. Slipping blouses off shoulders, the two suck at boobs, leaving lipstick rings around nipples. Stripped out of her girdle, Renee lies flat. Paige probes her bum. Opening Paige's legs, Renee teases her clit with her studded tongue, then works her way to her arse. Running her gloved hands over Renee's buttocks, Paige slips a gel rod into her bum. Getting down on to all fours, the girls share the toy. Their attention moves to a still tied up Stefan. They take turns deep throating his cock. With Paige masturbating on the bed, Renee slips her pussy down on Stefan's staff. Dropping to her hands and knees, Renee guides the dick into her arse and rocks. Paige turns on to her side for anal spoons. Pulling out, Stefan fires his load over Paige's stocking tops.

Nipple tassels swaying, Renee runs her hands from her stocking tops towards her pussy for a breeches wearing Pascal. Picking up his riding crop, he flicks at her boobs and brushes the tip against her clit. Moving closer, Renee strokes at the bulge in Pascal's pants as she slides a glass plug into her bum. Leaning forward, Renee's lips engulf Pascal's prick. She licks her way down its length. Climbing onto the arms of a chair, Renee perches, her pussy inches away from Pascal's face. His tongue darts to and fro. Laying Renee on her back, Pascal parts her pussy lips and presses himself against her pierced clit before penetrating. Removing the toy, Pascal pops his prick into Renee's arse. She slips it back to be taken doggy. Slowly sinking Pascal's shaft up her bum, Renee gyrates as she rides reverse. More anal action, missionary, then Pascal shoots his cum into Renee's mouth.

With her hair brushed up, Renee admires herself in front of the mirror as she sits in her fur coat. Images of the previous scenes flash past. Opening her legs, she fingers her pussy. Her black dress falls open affording a glimpse of breast, as Johnny appears beside her. His cock at the ready, Renee sucks. The string of pearls catch and sway against her boobs as she bends to be taken from behind. Keni arrives. Renee fills her mouth with his cock while she's fucked. More of Renee's life flashes by. She moves to the bed for some anal cowgirl. Flopping forward onto Keni, Johnny jabs his dick in her bum. Renee writhes as she's DP'd by the boys. She drops to her knees to catch their cum.

Whether blonde or brunette, with girls or with boys, Renee has produced some scorching anal action. In her swan song movie, director Kendo has captured every moment with exquisite artistry and care. Renee's retirement will leave a gap in the industry, but with The Demise of Renee Richards she's at least departed with a bang. This film is a must see for fans of Brit Porn.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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