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Released: 2009
Director: Dave
Notes: Your Choice
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Dave releases the third and final outing in his Damp Tramps series. Each scene is given a little bit of a setup before getting down to some generally satisfying action.

In a bizarre inversion of the usual school scenario, Dave plays the pupil and Angel the teacher. Dave is in detention and gets a few swipes of the cane on his bare arse. The sight of his erect manhood leads Angel to lose her clothes (apart from the black stockings and suspenders). Angel greases Daves cock with her mouth, then gets fucked missionary across the desk. Bent over the desk, Dave attacks Angel's arse. The pair switch to the floor. Angel impales first her pussy then her arse on Daves cock. The scene ends with a copious anal creampie. A really rather dirty scene.

Alysha has made a mistake with boss Dave's accounts. Dave says this is not the first mistake she's made but he's willing to overlook them if she fucks him. Keen to keep her job, Alysha allows herself to be stripped to her black stockings so that Dave can fuck her over his desk. Dave approves of Alysha's nicely trimmed bush as he fucks her missionary, then doggy, then cowgirl on the office chair. The scene ends with a massive facial and Dave's confession (spoiler alert) that he had altered the figures on purpose to get into Alysha's knickers.

Dave is Loz's butler and upon finding her naked apart from cowboy boots in her bedroom, he offers to give her one now that her old man has died. Sex in reverse cowgirl followed by spoons on the bed. Next Dave flips Loz over and fucks her noisily up the bum. Finally, he shoots his load over her tits.

In a retail park car park, Dave is carrying out a survey on sex. He recruits Ellouise who seems to answer yes to every one of his questions, including "Would you like to come back to my flat for a fuck?". The pair undress while performing oral sex on each other. Ellouise climbs on to Dave's cock on his bed. Missionary, doggy and reverse cowgirl before Dave shoots over her face.

It's term time again and Masie is sent to the detention room by teacher, Dave. Masie has a reputation as the school bike and Dave wants a ride too, requesting fucks-for-grades. Masie fucks Dave on the floor wearing her tartan skirt and school tie. Down to her school tie and trainers, she proceeds to take cock in reverse cowgirl, doggy and missionary. Dave strokes himself off over Masie's pussy.

Dave's applied for a job as a security guard and supervisor Tia is giving him some "pat down" training. Then it's Dave's turn to pat down Tia. He thinks she has something under her coat, which she does: a cracking body clad in just black underwear and stockings. Tia requires a complete examination. Once she's completely stripped, apart from her stockings, Dave probes her vagina with his cock. Cowgirl, doggy, spoons, and missionary ensue on a black leather sofa and the floor. Ends with a decent facial.

The scenarios are preposterous but Dave manages to keep his cast in character with generally spontaneous dialogue which avoids things getting too repetitious. A welcome change from the standard "fuck dat fuckin' pussy" which US productions require.

A fine cast with robust fucking from Dave throughout. Angel's anal creampie, slim Alysha's trimmed bush and Tia's simply fantastic figure are standouts from a good collection of scenes. Recommended.

If you don't have any of the previous DVD's from this series, the 3 disc set from Your Choice is a real bargain and a must-buy.

Review by Bayleaf
September 2012

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