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Released: 2009
Director: Tanya Hyde
Notes: Harmony
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 182 mins.

A new Tanya Hyde film is always a treat to look forward to. As one of the world's best eroto-fetish directors, the sizzling steamy action is presented with a twist of kink which keeps the viewer watching. With a cast which includes Aletta Ocean, Havana Sin, Lala and Sofia Valentine, Hyde's latest work Dollz House has all the elements to make it a winner. But does it hit the mark?

Sex Doll
In her red basque, striped stockings and towering heels, sexy Aletta Ocean teases and torments George and Oliver before succumbing to their cocks.

Robyn sits in the back of her black BMW, her hands caressing her naked breasts. Chauffeur Sofia adjusts her mirror to spy on Robyn as she parts her legs and runs her gloved fingers over her pussy and clit in the eerie half light. A jeep pulls alongside the pair and some guards jump out. Bursting open the doors, they thrust their dicks towards Robyn. She starts to suck. Clambering into the car, the first guard laps at Robyn's wet pussy whilst the second probes driver Sofia. In the darkness, the girls are bundled onto the back of the jeep to have their arses tongued. Robyn is slung up in straps to be fucked. Sofia sits beneath the two, licking as her passenger swings against a shaft. The guards swap the pair, with Sofia being suspended for some sex. Robyn kneels and tastes the two. Released from the hoist, Sofia sinks a dick into her bum, while beside her Robyn is banged doggy. The boys hammer away to the sound of moans and cries, coating the girls' bums and faces with cum.

Rough Justice
Dressed in a black body stocking, European girl Aliz confronts three cocks.

Spunk Rock
In a seedy club, Havana plays pool with a Mohawk shaven Jay. A latex clad Lala swigs from a bottle as she stands at the bar, then opens her legs for a pee. Grabbing Jay's pants, Havana yanks them down and laps the tip of his cue. Filling her mouth with dick, she sucks as Havana rubs at her pussy. Knocking the balls aside, the two climb onto the table to shag. Lala squeezes and tweaks her nipples as she watches the pair fuck. Jay saunters over towards Lala, prises open her pussy and offers his cock for her to suck. She wanks him between her lips. A second punk appears. Havana investigates the bulge in his leather trousers and kneels to swallow his length. Jay enters her from behind. In her Doc Martens and fishnets, Kiera appears on the bar. Stretching her supple body, she gyrates for the four. One of the boys offers a dildo attached to a pool cue to Kiera. She slides it into her pussy. The guys climb onto the bar. Kiera feeds their dicks down her throat. Mascara smudged and with the chain round her neck rattling, she's spit-roasted. Havana wants some of the action and presses a face into Kiera's fanny. Her pussy dripping, Lala also makes a move for some cock. The five pound away. Havana gets her back coated in jizz and Lala's face gets plastered.

Dollz House has everything you could want from a Hyde / Harmony film. Some scenes are dark and menacing, others bright and light. Each is filled with stunning girls wearing sexy outfits engaged in hot, hot, action. Dollz House is another winner to be added to the 'must watch' list.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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