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Released: 2009
Director: Kendo
Notes: Erotic Flesh Productions / Daring
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Running time: 97 mins.

Kendo has taken naughty girls with bunches as the theme for his film Dirty Little Pig Tales. Michelle B, Suzie Best, Emma and Lolly Badcock are amongst the group who have their hair gathered in bands and ribbons.

Slowly the camera pans over Michelle's black stockings, picking up a glint of light reflecting from the glass toy she holds by her side. Slipping her hand into her sexy emerald and black panties, she lingers before probing a finger into her pussy. Moistening the tip of the glass rod, Michelle relaxes back on a sofa and jabs the toy into her silky smooth snatch. Easing her bra straps from her shoulders, Michelle's tongue darts over her nipples as she masturbates. The camera traces the contours of Michelle's body, stopping at her mouth. She opens it wide and pops in Danny's dick. Head bobbing, Michelle's lips work their way along Danny's length. She flops back with her legs spread to be licked. Crouching over Danny's cock, Michelle sinks it into her wet pussy. The two turn round to fuck doggy. Danny uses Michelle's blonde bunches as reins as she rides him reverse. Mouth wide open, she catches his cum.

In a darkened room, Lolly, Michelle and Suzie sit side-by-side, fingers pounding past their panties. Suzie turns to probe her arse as the girls kiss. The three start to explore each other's bodies. Michelle takes mouthfuls of Lolly's pouting lips while Suzie smears her snatch on Lolly's face. Michelle moves to centre spot, lapping at Suzie as Lolly licks her arse. Each of the girls grab a vibrator and work away; solo to start with and then on each other. With heaving moans, the three girls climax and kiss.

Silhouetted against a window at the top of the stairs, Jessica stands in her stockings and bra, twisting her hair round her fingers. Her hands move to her nylons. She follows the straps on her suspenders, then works her way across her thighs. As she paws at her pussy, the light from the window catches her sparkling finger nails. Easing her boobs from her bra, Jessica tweaks at her nipples as she descends the stairs. Dressed in a striped butcher's apron, Jeff waits in a sparsely furnished white room. Jessica kneels before him on a sheep skin rug. Stretching open her pussy, he fills it with fingers and gives Jessica a thwack on the bum. She lifts his apron to get at his meat and starts to suck. Tugging at her nipples, Jessica pushes her fanny into Jeff's face, then turns onto all fours to be taken from behind. Mounting Jeff's cock, Jessica twists from reverse to cowgirl as she rides. Flat to the floor, Jeff hammers into Jessica and shoots his load over her back.

Out in the garden, Leah rests against a blue painted wall. Her hand undoes her gingham suspender belt and she rubs at her pussy. Moving indoors, Leah gazes out of the window with her fingers in her fanny. Jeff sidles up beside her and licks at her tits. Sinking to her knees, Leah wraps her lips round his cheb and wanks. Her head on her arm, Leah looks out of the window. Jeff licks at her arse. Standing behind her, he thrusts in his cock. The two move to the shadows to shag missionary. Leah's boobs bounce as Jeff bangs her hard. Reverse cowgirl is followed by more missionary. Jeff's jizz ends on Leah's studded pelvis.

Spreading her nylon clad legs on a long low sofa, Emma taunts Pascal who sits at the other side of the room. Slowly, she strokes at her pussy. Then, pulling down her black dress, she wipes her damp fingers over her boobs. Pascal grabs at his crotch as Emma eases a shiny red rod between her legs. The two watch each other masturbate. Standing beside Emma, Pascal offers his prick. She takes it deep into her mouth, making her nipples erect. Stooping forward, Pascal takes mouthfuls of Emma's hairy muff and teases her clit with his cock. Emma slumps back. Pascal enters her, missionary. Lifting Emma up on his dick, Pascal drops onto the sofa with Emma on top. Screwing round, she puts her feet on his thighs and rocks on his cock. The two fall to their sides and after more shagging, Pascal showers his spunk onto Emma's stomach.

With his use of low angles and the letterbox format, Kendo has given Dirty Little Pig Tales a distinctive look and feel. However, Kendo's normally thorough attention to stylistic detail and mantra of 'every frame must be erotic' both fall short in a couple of scenes. Leah and Jeff are a tad too dark at times and Suzie Best's performance is a little muted when compared with Lolly and Michelle. Dirty Little Pig Tales is still a very good film and miles ahead of many releases. It's just not one of Kendo's best.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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