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Released: 1990s
Director: Eddy Lipstick
Notes: X-Kiss
Alternate Titles
  • Engelse poesjes
  • John Love's Horny Casting German sound
  • X-Kiss in England
Notes and Reviews

Belgian male who has also worked in Helen Duval films in a similar role (e.g. Casting by Helen) flies to England to meet an American blonde who seems to be a model agent. They go to Northampton to interview potential performers.

First up is Steph - Stephanie [1] - and then Steve Thorpe. These have a sex scene on a bed in the studio with the Belgian bloke. Anal and facial. Rick is interviewed and claims he has never had sex with a woman but wants to be a porn stud.

Sian Evans is interviewed and then a proper fictional scene follows. She is in her car in the country when she is called on her mobile by the Belgian male from a call box. She tells him to take a taxi out to join her. He does and they have sex in a field. Cumshot over belly.

Lisa Stretton is next to be interviewed and this is how she gives her name. The others say they are from Northampton, but she is from Leicester, which confirms what she said in her Buttman appearance.

Steve Thorpe and Tim (Ferris or Harris?) are together in the jacuzzi when Lisa walks in draped in her towel. She says that it is supposed to be reserved for ladies, but she gets in with them. She takes them both on at once then has to go to the Ladies. When she comes out two more men are waiting and she takes on all four on the massage table. No anal but several facials.

Marina Curran is interviewed and says she wants to do a sex scene with a woman. Cut to her and Lisa Thoy examining a huge dildo. Four men enter (including Vinny Curran) who bet the girls they cannot take the dildo, but they show that they can. Then the girls take on two men each with Lisa doing anal. One man cums and leaves but the scene ends with Lisa taking on all three with Marina lending encouragement. Lisa takes the cumshots over her body.

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