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Released: 1997
Notes: Elegant Angel, also features Kristina-Klevit (see egafd)
Notes and Reviews
  • Cody Fairchild (Juliette Muir) aka Emily, anal, facial
  • Nessie = Vanessa who spies on Katrina and Sean Michaels and does an A2M
  • Amanda = Sabrina Johnson, DP, facials
  • Christina from Hungary and Terri (as Maria, anal) and Tom Byron
  • Nicky Platts and Roxy-Jo

Jack Gregson's review of the final scene:

This is a review of the final section of the movie featuring Jo Kelsey (Roxy in this movie) and Nikki Platts in a scene on a sofa.

Opens with the two sat on a sofa. The brunette Nikki Platts is wearing a very short white dress and Roxy is wearing a lilac dress. Her hair is bleached and blonde. She looks really sexy and has a large necklace hanging down towards her cleavage.

Roxy spreads Nikki's legs and moves back her panties and starts to rub her pussy. Within a couple of minutes of the scene starting she is licking out her pussy in full close-up and rubbing her clit. Roxy is kneeling and rubbing her own tit at the same time. Both girls are still dressed.

Then Nikki pulls the straps of her dress over her head and Roxy starts to suck on her large tits. She jiggles them with her hands and tweaks the nipples and then massages them. The camera goes around to Roxy's arse where she is touching her own pussy. She carries on going down on Nikki.

Cut: the girl's are naked. Roxy lies on the sofa while Nikki is on top in a 69. Roxy sucks Nikki's pussy while Nikki does the same for Roxy. Nikki's blue painted finger nails play with Roxy's clit. Both girl's legs are wide open. Nikki's arse is big and wide and Roxy's hands are all over it. Her tongue gets everywhere too.

Next Nikki is on the floor playing with her own clit and licking Roxy's pussy as the blonde lies back on the sofa. Roxy looks dead sexy as she plays with her own breasts and moans. She looks at the camera: she wants a cock. She bucks her hips so that her pussy rubs on the other girl's face. "I wanna big dick", Roxy says, as the other girl switches on a vibrator and nudges her pussy. Lots of moaning from both girls. Roxy opens her pussy wider. Roxy is begging the cameraman to get his dick out.

Another guy is suddenly there and Roxy, lying on her back, is sucking his cock as he stands at her side and leans over her. The vibe is up her pussy as she sucks, licks and wanks the cock hungrily. She loves it! She wanks it into her mouth hard, gasping with each thrust into her throat. Her hands stroke the guy's arse as he leans over her. There's a shot looking down onto her face as the cock fucks her mouth. She looks at the camera lustfully.

Then the guy is sitting and the girls are taking it in turns to suck and wank his cock and kiss each other. At one time Nikki is holding his cock while Roxy sucks it. It gets covered in saliva. "Do you like that?", Roxy says as she is deep throating him. Then Roxy is on her back, tits jiggling as he holds her legs apart and fucks her.

Then about 18 minutes in Roxy is bending over the sofa getting fucked from behind, her fantastic arse sticking in the air. The other girl gets underneath, plays with her own and Roxy's pussy. The girls kiss.

Cut to Nikki sitting on top of the man fucking him like mad, Roxy is forcing her up and down using her hands on her hips. Nice arse shots of Nikki.

Then Nikki on all fours getting fucked, slow strokes and then fast fucks. Then Nikki on her side one leg in the air, getting fucked in the pussy. Roxy plays with herself at her side. Then Roxy on all fours getting fucked in the ass and using the vibe on her pussy. We are about 23 minutes into this scene now. Roxy's face is loving it.

Then Nikki on her back getting fucked as the man is stroked and fondled by Roxy. Roxy plays with Nikki's clit as she gets fucked, making her cry out! "She's going to cum on your cock!" Roxy says as Nikki gasps. The man is thrusting fast now, holding Nikki's legs apart. He takes his cock out. "Oh you're going to cum aren't ya?" Roxy says and gasps as he wanks over Nikki's belly. Then Roxy reaches down and sucks the cum off his cock and wipes it over Nikki's skin.

The scene lasts about 27 minutes.

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