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Released: 1996
Director: Viv Thomas
Notes: 1996 - 18 cert UK / US 1997 X cert / UK R18 - 2002
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Running time: 107 mins.

Originally shot in 1996, Every Woman has a Foot Fantasy has been through a few incarnations to pass various film boards, the latest being in 2002 when it received its current R18 rating. In the film Viv Thomas has combined his two great loves - legs-feet with big breasts. Under Viv's direction and with the handy camera work of Steve "Ben Dover" Perry it's easy to see how the film got the 1999 AVN award for best fetish film.

Sex therapist Ava Lustre is about to appear on a TV show with Tamsin and Mario, but before setting off she prepares herself by having a massage. Lying on the couch with a towel over her 52 inch assets oil is applied all over her body with special attention to her feet and toes. The masseur, who claims he's gay, has a change of heart when he sees Ava's oil-drenched labia and just has to fuck her. He finishes off by cumming on her feet.

In the studio Ava explains the case of Louise, a normal woman who goes to hotels to fulfil her fantasies. In a white suit and knee-length red boots Louise checks in, getting the porter to carry her bags to the room. Once there she asks the porter to help her off with her boots, which reveal her stocking clad legs, and then to massage her aching toes. Foot rubbing leads to licking and licking leads to toe sucking and the porter soon rips the black stocking to get Louise's red-painted toes in his mouth. Playing with her tits Louise gets the guy to toe prod her pussy then uses her own feet to wank his cock. More foot fucking follows with the porter eventually spraying Louise's soles with spunk.

Ava next tells of Lana's case and how she helped her with her fantasy. Dressed in a tight patterned two piece, fully-fashioned black stockings and heels, Ava listens to Lana on the therapy couch. She is worried that her fantasy for feet could turn her into a lesbian. Offering the smartly suited Lana her foot she licks Ava's toes through the sandal then gives the 6-inch heel a blow job. Removing the sandal and stocking Lana takes Ava's foot in her mouth, her tongue flicking between each toe. Ava returns the favour, biting and ripping her way through Lana's tights. The girls wriggle and work their toes into each other's pussies then turn to taste their handy work. More nylon ripping and foot fucking follow before Lana buries her head between Ava's legs, lapping at her lips till she climaxes. Her fantasy is complete.

After the show Tamsin and Mario want to know more and play out their own fantasy, Ava agrees to assist. The girls kiss and caress whilst Mario watches. Taking Tamsin's black tight-covered foot in her mouth, Ava's tongue explores her toes and the soles of her feet. She then slides down her leg latching onto her pussy while Mario rubs his knob over the girls' feet. Tearing his way through the crotch of Tamsin's tights Mario sucks away on her pussy as she licks her own feet. Mario replaces tongue with man meat in Tamsin's minge. He then turns to Ava, her breasts pushed hard against the arm of the sofa as he fills her from behind. The film ends with the girls wanking Mario off with their feet, his spunk spraying their toes.

I have to admit I'm not really a foot person, but found this film both entertaining and highly erotic. I can fully understand why it received it's award and so much acclaim. If you are into feet this is a must. Even if you are not it's well worth watching - Viv Thomas is expert at this type of film.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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