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Released: 2001
Notes: Triple S
Alternate Titles
  • Going For A Lay (Euro Sluts 1)
Notes and Reviews
  • Rebekah Jordan, looking great in a very sexy little black top and black hotpants, is riding on the back of some sort of motorised tricycle driven by a bald stud with dark glasses - why didn't they call this scene Easy Rider? The trike stops and they begin to fondle each other. There is a slow build up to sex with very poor camera work - we should be able to see more of what is going on - and editing - his removal of her hot pants is cut for example. However, maybe it was difficult to get a good view given their positions on the vehicle. He goes down on her and frigs her with two fingers. She gives him a blow job then sits on him in the cowgirl position while they are still on the trike. They then move onto the grass, get into the doggy position and she instructs him "I want your dick in my pussy now - pleeeaaase!". The sex continues in various positions to a good facial, shown from three different camera positions. If they had this many cameras why didn't they make better use of them before. The two performers make this a good scene in spite of the poor camera work, editing and the insistent and unnecessary backing track which sometimes drowns out what they are saying. But if the music is too loud here, wait till the next scenes.
  • Lianne Young, in her original straight-haired redhead look and looking much the better for it, cavorts with a black man on a fireside rug and tries her best to coax some wood out of him. Amazingly she fails. This must be his first time as he does better in a later scene, but why include it?
  • Amanda White is interviewed and strips, but we can't hear a word she says!!! Then she has sex with a competent stud in a bathroom, but the scene is cut before the cumshot!!!!!!
  • Georgette Neale approaches a dry fountain on the same lawn as that used for scene 1. She passes two black men lying by a bush, examines the fountain, invites them over and strips for the first to arrive. Again we can't hear the dialogue so why she does this (apart from the fact that this is a porn film) is a mystery. She gives them both blowjobs including deep throat and this time the stud from scene 1 gets hard enough to fuck her, but the other doesn't fuck her. The scene ends with her usual messy facial, again filmed and shown from a couple of angles.
  • A non-British girl is interviewed and strips in a caravan. The plumber arrives to fix the sink and eventually they have sex. This scene does have a hint of an erotic scenario, but again we can barely hear what they say, though at first they are speaking English.

We can only applaud the fact that a company is using British girls and I hope they continue, but I fervently hope they improve their skills with practice as at the moment they nowhere near match their choice of models.

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