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Heatwave, 2000

The sequel continues in the same vein though the incompetence now extends to the credits and the order in which the scenes are presented. The credits include the girls who appeared in the first video but who do not appear in this one, as well as the ones who do appear in this one. Now, though, Dick Nasty is no longer a lecturer but the uncle of a male student who goes around seducing his nephew's female fellow students.

  • Dick Nasty meets Angie Cooper (possibly credited as Amber James) who has skipped a lecture. He recognises her as a friend of his nephew, chats her up and they go back to her room for the usual sex scene. This is a little less tame as she does appear to be having some trouble with the reverse cowgirl anal.
  • This scene is misplaced as the last scene should have been shown before it (see below). Lee-anne McQueen (before her harrowing experience at the 'hands' of Dick Nasty and Max Hardcore et al. in LA) accosts and scolds her boyfriend (Peter, Dick's nephew) for fucking a girl Dick had introduced to him (Tamara, last scene). She puts a bit of effort acting-wise into this telling off, but they make up in bed with anal and a weak facial.
  • Amber James walks into the bedroom of a male 'student'. The scene proceeds immediately to sex, ending with anal and facial.
  • Donna Richardson does the same with the same bloke in the same room, with a brief reference to 'what you rugby players' get up to before getting down to it - anal, weak facial.
  • Sam [3] and Dick Nasty with little introduction - the standard fare.
  • Dick Nasty chats up Tamara who is sitting on a low wall outside a college. She says it is her first day and she is late already. He takes her to his nephew, Peter of scene 2, who is a second-year so that the nephew can show her round. As soon as Dick leaves she has her hand in his trousers, or at least it seems that way with the fast forward on, as it is by now. No anal this time, but there is a facial.

The same general comments made about English College Co-Eds apply just as much to English College Co-Eds 2.

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