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Released: 2001
Director: Terry Stephens
Notes: One-Eyed Jack, Your Choice
Notes and Reviews

(One-Eyed Jack, 2001)

  • Terry picks up Violet Storm at Watford station and drives her into the country - tits out and blowjob in the car. They walk into a field. In spite of the rain between them they juggle with camera and umbrella and manage to achieve a blowjob, cunnilingus and full sex before John Mason arrives and persuades them to adjourn indoors. Here Mark is waiting on the couch in his biker leathers. These don't stay on long. Violet gets a dildo up her behind while Mark and Terry get their kit off and then an MMF scene takes place with cumshots over her body (Mark) and face (Terry). Violet then frigs herself to a massive squirt with Terry's finger up her bum. House builders please avoid flood plains anywhere in Violet's vicinity!
    Scene lasts nearly 28 minutes.
  • This begins with Kirsty Ineson sitting on a couch and inserting a small piece of metal into her clit to which she attaches a chain at both ends - she already has her nipples connected in a similar way. The doorbell rings and Terry lets Jon in. It isn't long before he gets a blowjob. He then fucks her doggy style while she gives Terry on camera a bj. Bailey then arrives and she insists he gets his cock out at once. She gets a DP both ways round from Bailey and Jon ending in facials. Kirsty is a very enthusiastic performer with a personality reminiscent of Georgette Neale.
    Scene lasts 20 minutes.
  • The team arrive at Lianne Young's house (she lets them in with her hair - blonde at this time - in curlers). she devours Jon and Mark on her bed in her usual vigorous way, including missionary and reverse cowgirl anal, DP both ways round and cumshots over face and chest.
  • Angie Cooper and Mark are groping each other on a bench on a railway station platform - to finger insertion. On the train Mark gets a blowjob and he goes down on Angie. On the station steps at the other end he fucks her in the reverse cowgirl position. Mark gets a blowjob in the phone box and, in the car park, Angie is fucked by both Mark and Terry half in and half out of the back of a hatchback. Back at the flat she takes an anal in the reverse cowgirl position and a DP in the cowgirl position. She takes three cumshots, two in the face and one over her tits. Angie is not in the first flush of youth, but is a very daring and enthusiastic performer and this is a very hot scene.
  • Terry and Jon arrive at a flat and peep through the letter box on Rebecca Lee and Polly in a bit of mild lesbian action. Mark is also present inside the flat and when Terry and Jon are let in a foursome ensues with Jon the cameraman also getting involved. The girls take one male each and only Rebecca does anal, but Polly is very hot and is threatened with making her anal debut 'next time'. Rebecca takes two facials and Polly takes a cumshot over her chest.

Every hole was indeed a goal; some tophole holes were on display and in action and two or three males were returned empty in each scene. With these girls the studs certainly needed to be fit.

A preview of the next release, Pump Action Duties, is included featuring Jacqui Ebony (now better known as Ebony Sinclair and Chelsea Sinclair in the States), Bev Cox, Deb X, Emma [11], Ann McCormick (one of the Dirty Blondes twins), Sonia Lee, Zara [3] - a lot to look forward to there, but where is the Rebekah Jordan appearance? Why are they making us wait?

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