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Released: 1996
Director: Dick Nasty ?
Notes and Reviews

The DVD doesn't seem to have any extra material.

Credits: Mandie, Dick Nasty, Julie Ann, Lee Francis, Fonda French, Dolly Golden, Luna Parker, Shawn Ricks.

Five scenes: Second and fourth scenes shot in London with British girls. Other scenes in garden of villa in South of France.

  • Dolly Golden (French).
  • Julie Ann. Long blonde hair, tattoo lower right abdomen, says she's 19, from London. Interview in Piccadilly Circus. Inside on sofa. Strip, masturbation, uses dildo on herself. Naked man (Lee Francis, thinning reddish hair, sideburns) enters, BJ, he uses dildo on her. Sex in various positions, incl anal, facial.
  • Fonda French (American).
  • Amanda [7] (as Mandie (in credits) or Amanda as she calls herself). Plainish brunette, London accent. Brief interview in Trafalgar Square. Inside on bed. Undresses, masturbation. Naked man (Dick Nasty, reddish grey hair) enters unannounced. BJ, unenthusiastic sex in various positions, including anal, facial.
  • Luna Parker (French).

Notes by Mike A.

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