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Released: 1999
Notes and Reviews

Lea Shelby, Carmen Diego and Susie Haines (as Susie Stewart) are supposedly being interviewed to take part in one of this series of videos, but the problem is that they are starlets not stars. However, male fans start to arrive and the girls and the fans persuade the director to go ahead.

The idea seems to be that the porn fans have a chance to party with porn stars and it is very much like a party, beginning with party games and going on to raunchier and raunchier stuff.

  • The fans line up in two rows and the girls run (or rather walk) the gauntlet between them being mildly groped as they go.
  • Lap dancing - the men sit on the chairs and sofas and the girls lap dance, Susie topless in her panties and the other two wearing short skirts but no panties. The lap dancing definitely includes touching and dry humping. It seemed to go on too long, but just as I was writing that in my notes they moved on to the next game.
  • Toys - each fan took it in turns to direct a girl or girls while they used toys on themselves or each other. Lea took an anal DP. It was during this segment that it became very noticeable that one of the cameras being used was providing a lousy picture - and this was a DVD I was watching.
  • Mild spanking of the girls by the fans.
  • Marc Medoff is introduced to take stills of the girls, at first solo masturbation, then holding erections then giving blowjobs to the fans. (Lea is called Emily by Marc Medoff).
  • Intermission - information is provided on the girls' sexual preferences and they relate some of their experiences. Solo masturbation by each.
  • Use of vibrators on the girls by the fans while the girls are blindfolded (small UV goggles as used on sunbeds) but Susie gives a bj as well while she goes through this process.
  • Susie and Carmen get their pussies eaten and finger fucked.
  • The sex becomes more general - bj by Lea, Carmen is fucked. Lea is taken anally from behind while standing and bending over. Susie rides one of the fans in the cowgirl position etc., etc. Susie takes a facial and Carmen a part facial. Lea takes two facials from the fans. Then she is left alone in the room and the director comes in with a towel to wipe her face. She rewards him with a bj and takes another facial.

I have seen some poor reviews of this series, but I liked this video in spite of some of its faults in terms of picture quality. The fans seemed to be genuine fans (although it was obviously not a spontaneous event) and there was a party atmosphere with a gradual increase in the raunchiness of the action. One of the few American videos I've seen with a real sense of fun.

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