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Notes: DBM Boulevard BV054
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A German woman called Diana (with a large microphone and a cameraman) picks up girls in the street and takes them back to a hotel room, where after a short interview they strip and masturbate on a bed. Diana talks to the camera in German but interviews in English.

In the first scene, Diana picks up a girl called Diane (possibly Becky [3]) at night near Leicester Square in London. In the hotel room, Diane strips and masturbates (solo) with lots of finger insertion and some ejaculation.

In the second scene Anna Smith is also picked up at night in Leicester Square after Diana has problems with passers-by getting in on the act. In the (same) hotel room, Anna strips and masturbates, and uses one of her high-heels as a dildo. Shoes turn her on, she says afterwards.

The third scene starts at a canal festival, where Diana meets Bee (Barbara Molineux) and Ian on the towpath. On the hotel bed, they kiss, fondle each other and undress. Bee goes down on Ian, he frigs her, there is a short 69. He has trouble getting an erection ("I think I'm a little nervous"), and they abandon an attempt at sex. Bee says she needs to come again and a solo scene follows in which she comes on the bed.

There is no pick up sequence in the fourth scene: it starts with Diana interviewing Allisa Webb on the hotel bed. Instead of moving out of camera (as in the other scenes), Diane fondles, undresses and finger-fucks Allisa. A lesbian session ensues including a 69.

In the fifth scene Tracy Williams is picked up window-shopping in Slough. Usual interview followed by solo strip and masturbation to orgasm.

In the final scene, Diana arrives back home after her trip to Britain, gets in the bath, and masturbates.

Review by Mike A

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