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Released: 2003
Director: Loretta Sterling
Notes: Totally Tasteless Video
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Running time: 77 mins.

Totally Tasteless Video have made their name producing some of the weirder adult films, but they also make more main stream entertainment and the Emerald series falls into this category. Emerald is actually the blonde, busty, amazon Brook Hunter and the film follows her exploits with her girlfriend once the men have gone out.

Red haired Donna appears on Brook's black leather sofa in the first scene. The girls admire each other's bodies as they strip, Donna's nipples becoming erect as Brook sucks at her breasts and her fingers caress her fanny. Moving down Brook fills her mouth with Donna's lips as she inserts her tongue into her pussy. Donna is getting wet and wants more. A red dildo emerges and is worked into Donna. She moans with pleasure as the toy is pushed in. Donna gets to use an illuminated vibrator on Brook, the tip flashing as it's worked into her fanny then held against her pierced clit causing the ring to jump. Brook dons her strap-on to take Donna doggy then reverse cowgirl, before attacking her arse with the plastic penis. The pair fall to the floor where Donna continues to get banged up the bum till she climaxes.

Donna appears again in the second scene this time with Cassie Young. They kiss and caress each other's breasts and Donna's become aroused, her nipples sticking right out. Cassie is fascinated, sucking them hard to make them even bigger. Donna returns the favour before heading south to Cassie's neatly trimmed pussy. She licks and fingers Cassie who is soon very wet. Donna gets her to pull her legs right back, replacing her fingers with a large toy. Noticing her tight arse hole Donna cannot resist sticking her tongue in it. Pulling on her strap-on Donna gets Cassie to swallow the whole length before sliding the wet toy into her cunt. Donna grinds away until Cassie climaxes. Then, as a reward, has her pussy licked and toyed till she orgasms.

In her two scenes Donna Marie appears in over 50 minutes of film, not bad when the total length is only 1ΒΌ hours, and she is hot and horny throughout. It's nice to see Donna in her earlier stuff and Emerald Straps It On contains some of her best girl on girl work from this period.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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