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Released: 2003
Notes: Rude Britannia / Pornostatic
Notes and Reviews

Having approached this programme with caution, under the impression that this was a one girl one or two scene show, I was very pleasantly surprised. Three other black girls are featured including the lovely Lexi and a new Turkish girl Nina. It was made by a new production company Pornostatic, who give no other names in the credits. Their more recent release, Urban Flavas, uses footage from the same shoots as this programme.

In the opening scene, Anjali, in a fuchsia pink top & hotpants, plays with herself and talks to the camera. You can't hear much as the music track is a little loud, but this doesn't matter when she answers the door to a large black guy and they immediately get into each other's pants. The guy is very well endowed and after some lengthy sucking Anjali is suddenly bouncing on his sheathed cock, which is a shame as I would have liked to see her taking it in to start with. A number of positions on the couch follow before she wanks him off into her face. This scene, like all the rest, is set in a very stylish apartment, laminate floor, white walls, light coloured soft-furnishings. Anjali, slim and elegant, gives a very reserved performance as if we're watching a £1,000/night escort at work.

The second scene features the lovely Lexi in black fishnets and basque who gets a shagging from her boyfriend. It's a shame that Lexi only does bg with him but, as on this occasion, she gives an excellent performance. Anjali is on hand for a little off screen encouragement and strokes Lexi's tits while she is shagged doggy style. After a generous cum shot Anjali joins Lexi to massage her tits again. Sadly, this scene is largely ruined by the incessant flash from the stills photographer.

Nina, a 24 year old Turkish girl from Manchester, has come to make a porn film with Anjali. They are both wearing Indian-style clothes over their tiny black, undoubtedly western-style undies. There is a little girl/girl action before Marc Jacobs is introduced. It's Marc and Nina who perform sex in all positions, although Anjali returns to help things along. Although fuller-figured than Anjali, Nina is extremely sexy, creating a very unusual scene of Afro-Caribbean guy with Indian girl.

In the next scene, Anjali, dressed completely in white, from her studded choker to knee-boots, takes on another black guy whose cock, while not long, is very thick. While the guy is naked, Anjali removes only her knickers, but she is much more animated in this scene keeping up a running commentary as she reaches a climax. The scene ends with a messy facial.

In a different room, Tony de Serghio gives Anjali a good shagging. Once again while her little black knickers go her little black bra stays on.

Finally Kyla is introduced as Veena and both she and Anjali are in Indian dress although, obviously, Kyla is not Indian. Both girls promise double blow jobs for the English (Slick Rik) and Indian (Jayesh) guys on hand. As the action progresses, both girls take off all their clothes and while sucking white cock Anjali takes Jayesh's cock from behind. Just as this scene is coming to the boil both guys deliver facials and it ends.

The Pornostatic team show a lot of promise. Their productions have a lot of style and some hot performances. Unfortunately some sloppy editing and scene structuring lets them down. And I can't see myself enjoying any of their stuff until they shoot the stills man.

Review by Bayleaf

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