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Released: 2005
Director: Ant Melia
Notes: Fig Productions, www.fig-productions.co.uk
Alternate Titles
  • For Sale - Estate Agent Dilemmas
  • Horny House Hunters American Xcess
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 92 mins.

Fig Productions show that you don't need a huge cast or lavish sets to produce a good film. Three girls, two guys, a couple of empty houses and plenty of enthusiasm is all it needs.

Bespectacled Starr is showing a young couple - Elizabeth and Stefan - around a property when she is called back to the office, leaving the pair to finish the inspection by themselves. In the bathroom their thoughts turn to other types of viewing as they strip each other. Elizabeth fills her face, slapping Stefan's cock on her tongue then taking it deep in her mouth. As she balances herself on the hand basin, Stefan goes down between her legs, pulling on her lips as he licks her clit, then slips in his cock. The fucking continues over the bath and on the toilet. The two then head off to explore the rest of the house. In an empty bedroom Elizabeth mounts Stefan reverse cowgirl and is bouncing away when Starr returns. Stripping out of her black jumper and skirt Starr joins in, sucking on Stefan's dick as Elizabeth eats at her minge. The girls sit on Stefan, Elizabeth on his face and Starr guiding his man gland into her snatch, her big breasts swaying as she slips down the shaft. Elizabeth then has a turn riding the cock, Starr licking her pussy as Stefan thrusts away. Getting on all fours Starr laps at Elizabeth as she is filled from behind. The girls then swap so that Elizabeth can be taken missionary. After nearly 40 minutes of non-stop humping Stefan is ready to cum. The girls open their mouth and share the spunk.

Next up for Starr is Vicki. She wants to use the flat as a shag pad and is keen to try it out. Taking off Starr's white T-Shirt Vicki squeezes at her tits in their black bra getting the nipples nice and erect, ready to chew. Starr slips her hand down Vicki's blue knickers to play with her pussy, then kneeling before her she sucks and finger fucks her slit. Vicki returns the favours, her tongue dancing around Starr's pussy. Stripping, the pair 69; moaning, they pull each other open to taste the juices. Starr then pulls two vibrators out of her bag and with Vicki's help rams the larger of the two deep into her own love box before working the second into Vicki. With lots of noise the girls dildo each other till they climax.

Back at the office Starr leans on Scott's desk in her black dress and boots and reprimands him for not performing. His only chance of keeping his job is to satisfy her. Kneeling in front of Starr, Scott's first task is to lick and finger fuck the boss's fanny. Happy with this, Starr strips to her black lingerie. Scott's tool may not be large but it's just the right size for her mouth. Back on the desk Starr has her pussy probed by Scott's dick. She licks off the juices as they change position. Scott removes his rings and forces four fingers squelching into Starr's fanny and, with her tits swinging, he then takes her doggy style on the floor. The scene ends with Scott wanking into Starr's mouth, covering her tongue with cream.

The plot may not be original and the dialogue limited but Fig have produced a decent film, nicely paced and with editing which makes the action flow naturally. Good enthusiastic performances from all the girls and reasonable direction and camera work from Ant Meila means Fig are onto a winner.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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