< Eat My Meat R18 DVD available

Released: 2004
Notes: Rude Britannia / Inexcesse
Alternate Titles
  • Swinging Lessons DVD available DVSX
Notes and Reviews

The title here refers to Taylor Morgan as she allows real-life boyfriend Pete le Meat to enjoy threesomes with a succession of girls that Taylor brings home.

The opening scene begins with no explanation. Taylor and Alicia Rhodes are on the house sofa where all but one of the encounters take place. The girls share 15 minutes together before Pete joins them, by this time they are only partly dressed (knickers off, tits out). Once the trio are completely naked the girls suck Pete's cock then he fucks first Alicia then Taylor, who takes anal in reverse cowgirl while Alicia is arsefucked in spoons. All the time the girls concentrate on each other's pussies and nipples. The girls get a joint facial and swap cum as they kiss each other, the standard conclusion for all the scenes.

The second scene starts much like the first with Jenny Loveitt and Taylor together, but nicely styled with both girls wearing all black - dresses, pants and stockings. Strong girl-girl action with deep fingering and prolonged French kissing. Pete joins in and has a girl at both ends before he fucks Jenny face to face. Taylor gets fucked doggy while she fingers Jenny's pussy as the girls strip to their stockings. Anal in doggy for Jenny and reverse cowgirl for Taylor. Joint facial.

The rest of the scenes are introduced in split-screen mode with Pete and Taylor in bed while the action starts in a frame alongside. Taylor has met Euro-babe Liega at her health club (cue two girls in leotards) and the threeway starts immediately. Oral leads to Pete fucking Taylor in spoons while she continues to lick Liega's pussy. Now naked except for her white sports socks it's Liega's turn to get fucked doggy followed by Taylor, who is likewise attired, in reverse cowgirl. More deep penetration for both girls who continue to interact with each other. No anal but joint facial and cum-swap as usual.

Another girl-girl introduction in scene 4 with Kat Varga in black and Taylor in her white stockings and tartan miniskirt teen-outfit. Another 15 minutes of good girl-girl action before Pete joins them in his boxers. The girls free his cock and after a good suck a naked Kat mounts Pete reverse cowgirl. Pete then fucks Taylor, in her white stockings, missionary on the arm of the sofa, which is the full extent of the fucking here, then straight to the usual conclusion.

In the final scene Pete sits between Taylor and her old school chum Tyrelle/Catherine. It must be summer cos both girls just wear tiny skirts and tops while Pete is in shorts. Threeway kissing and fondling leads to pussy licking and cock sucking. Eventually Taylor pulls her pants aside and mounts Pete cowgirl. Pete fucks Tyrelle/Catherine, wearing just her skirt, missionary; which is the only cock Tyrelle/Catherine gets as Pete returns to the now naked Taylor to fuck her mish and spoons before anal in doggie. Joint facial to finish.

Class filming and production values from Inxesse here. Great girls getting a Royal seeing-to by one of the UK's most underrated and well-hung studs. Six 30 minute scenes too. Although it does get one musing on gender inequality as Taylor sticks only to her partner, Pete is permitted to shag anything that comes his way ...

Review by Bayleaf

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