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Released: 2004
Director: Kendo
Notes: Rude Britannia
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Magda Polak, in a short silver dress, performs a sensuous pole-dance for two booted and suited masked guys at a private club. As the dance progresses the guys get their cocks out and first one then the other gets their member sucked. While the guys get naked, Magda keeps her dress on but loses her knickers and both guys fuck her on the floor; one with and one without a condom. After a bareback arsefucking in doggy both guys explode over her face.

In the second scene Kinky Kerry and Avalon are in rubber outfits. Kerry's has a distinctly nautical look, powder blue shorts and shirts with a large white collar. Avalon's white dress is much more medical. The two girls lick and finger each other in an almost distracted but very erotic way, moving on to dildos and an obscenely large and flexible double-ender which is doubled-up and pushed into Kerry's pussy! Both girls keep what little kit they have on (apart from Kerry's shorts, of course) in this arousing scene.

And just when things seem hot enough Kerry returns in a black pvc catsuit with her pert little breasts proudly poking free. She's with Tammie Lee, who sports a white and black rubber basque, pants and white stockings. As Tammie sits on a piano stool, Kerry removes her knickers and licks her pussy, all the time watched by one of the guys from scene one. After extensive caressing the tables are turned as Kerry's pussy receives Tammie's attention while Kerry sucks the guy's cock. Both Tammie and the guy then force a huge black dildo, with the dimensions of a size 8 Wellington boot, into Kerry's pussy, much to her delight. While Kerry continues to suck cock the surrealism continues as Tammie sinks onto a blue strapon now worn by Kerry, also taking it up the bum in doggy. The scene ends with the guy coming all over Tammie's tits, which is licked off by Kerry.

More rubber nurses outfits for Belle (white) and Sammi (red). Neither girl has bothered with bra or pants so they get straight to a 69 on the bed. Plenty of joint and synchronised solo dildo action in this relatively short scene.

Finally Ian Tate looks uber-cool in black suit and shades in the Fireman's Bar. Alicia and Tammie enter in black rubber mini dresses, fishnet tights and no knickers. Cool as you like, Ian slips on a pair of black rubber gloves and, as Alicia pulls up the front of Tammie's dress, he slips his hand down Tammie's tights and into her pussy. Ian forces Tammie to drink from a stainless steel bowl and while she kneels on the floor with her bum in the air Ian rips her tights allowing Alicia access to her pussy. There's Rabbit dildo action for both girls and anal beads for Alicia before Ian unzips his fly and fucks them both through ripped tights on the bar and on the floor. Anal for Alicia before Ian pulls out and shoots over her bum and Tammie's face (who lies beneath).

Director Kendo has achieved a film of rare style. Top girls beautifully dressed and made-up doing quite disgusting things. The insistent sub-disco soundtrack complements the action which requires no dialogue. The lighting and the post-production effects, while suggesting darkness, never obscure the action and the whole thing is well edited.

While still showing hard sex the programme is also very erotic and should prove arousing to many female partners too. This is a better film than Sisters of Sin, Kendo's first RB release, lets hope he keeps up the improvement. Fantastic stuff.

Review by Bayleaf

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