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Released: 2005
Director: Kendo
Notes: Ruder Britannia
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Running time: 139 mins.

Kendo has teamed five hot and horny British girls with the Belgian Janca in this 2ΒΌ hour PVC clad Erotic Dream ... and what a dream.

Scene 1 is shot in what looks like a futuristic prison cell - chrome bars and, a must for all fetish films, a huge fan. Poppy Morgan, in a net top and short black PVC skirt, is being held captive by Janca. Roxanne in a long red PVC dress joins the pair, lapping at Poppy's pussy. The saliva slowly runs down her lips, dripping in long gooey strings. Roxanne turns her attention to Tony James in a bizarre dildo mask, tormenting his cock with the tip of her tongue then swallowing it deep in her mouth. Poppy, now released, plays a long rubber dildo over Roxanne's fanny, slapping her lips then holding the end in her mouth as it's pushed right up her love hole. Roxanne swaps the toy for the real thing, mounting Tony reverse cowgirl as Poppy fondles his balls. Poppy takes Roxanne's place on the man meat, rollling her hips as she bounces up and down. Janca watches on as the girls exchange places on Tony's prick. With each session the humping gets harder. Tony ends up doing both girls doggy, pulling out in time to spray their faces in spunk.

In a black PVC basque, fishnet stockings and a ball gag, Roxanne is the centre of attention in the second scene. She is playing with herself in what looks like a dingy cheap hotel room while two masked and overalled guys stand and look on. With legs wide open Roxanne slides a large black dildo deep in her pussy, her lips shuddering up and down the shaft as she thrusts. One of the men moves to the bed where Roxanne rubs at his cock through the overalls. Unzipping the dick, she licks and chews at the head as her arse is fondled and finger fucked. The second man joins in, giving Roxanne another cock to play with. She takes it in her mouth while the first guy fills her pussy from behind. A muffled sigh is heard as the cock is pushed into Roxanne's bum. With a cock up her arse, Roxanne's pussy is pulled open by the second guy for a second dick to enter for a little DP action. The scene ends with Roxanne toying herself as one guy wanks into her mouth and the second fires over her pussy.

Slim blonde Jennifer finds Ian Tait sitting on a window ledge halfway up a flight of white stairs. Stopping she slips her hand down his trousers, he replies by licking her nipples through her chain bra. Ian's cock now out, Jennifer wraps her lips around the shaft as it slides deep into her mouth, her tongue exploring his nut sack. Pulling down her black shorts Ian tongues away at Jennifer's clit, his fingers penetrating her pussy as she slowly rocks. When it is nice and wet, Ian eases his manhood into Jennifer's smoothly shaven mound. Turning and sitting on the stairs Jennifer rides the rubber clad cock till it's almost ready to explode. Pulling out Ian fires over Jennifer's face but the force is so great most hits the window behind.

PVC wearing Janca has tied up Roxanne on the sofa and pulled a nylon over her head. Watching the proceedings is policewoman Scotty swinging a large black truncheon. Janca jabs a glass dildo into her pussy, wiping the juices off on Roxanne's nylon covered face. Scotty rolls a condom over the tip of the baton then pushes the huge weapon into Janca's snatch. Roxanne lies watching as the two poke and prod each other, a fresh rubber being applied before Scotty rides the mighty stick. Janca dons a big black strap on which Scotty sits on. She is then taken doggy, the rubber cock deep up her cunt. The scene ends in screams and moans of pleasure.

Fishnet covered Poppy is suspended from the ceiling by red booted Penelope while a masked and suited man stands by. Pulling at Poppy's tights Penelope slips a latex covered finger into her pussy, then a second, then a third. She is cut down, but the finger fucking continues. Penelope goes to give the guy a blow job leaving Poppy to play with herself. Pulling open her pussy she pushes a huge knobbly red toy inside as Penelope is dildo fucked by the man. With Penelope wanking inches away from her face Poppy climbs aboard the guys dick, riding him forward and reverse cowgirl. Penelope has her turn with the cock, lying down to be taken spoons in the pussy. Both girls go on all fours, their arses high in the air as the guy fires his jizz over their bum cheeks.

This is a well staged and beautifully shot film with sexy girls in provocative outfits. With Erotic Dreams Kendo has produced a film which stands up with the best and is challenging Tanya Hyde at the top of the 'fetish' market. Brilliant performances by all, especially new girl Roxanne who should go far.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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