< European Blonde Ambitions DVD available

Released: 2005
Director: DiSanto
Notes: Killergram / Playhouse
Alternate Titles
  • British Blonde Ambition R18 DVD available
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 150 mins.

DiSanto and Anjali Kara have invited six British blondes to discover the ultimate big cock experience with five of the girls, including Elle Brooke, taking the 12 inch Mr Shaft challenge. This is the first of the DiSanto releases on the new Killergram label and looks technically competent and does the girls justice.

The film starts with Anjali interviewing Chloe B, who is swathed from head to toe in shocking pink whilst waiting for cock. Slightly confusingly Anjali refers to the film as Pornostatic Hardcore Honeyz 3, but this doesn't spoil the action. The girls are joined by Scorpio the Derby Ram who is almost as big as the infamous Mr Shaft. The girls suck on Scorpio's dick, their eyes watering as they see who can swallow the most. Chloe has her pussy licked and leans over the arm of the sofa, her boobs dangling as she is fucked doggy. The pair roll over, Chloe stretching herself with 4 fingers before taking the cock back between her legs. Mounting Scorpio cowgirl, Chloe's bum twitches as her love tube is stuffed. The girls then wank the cock till their faces are covered in cream.

Natalie Heck, in her black net top and choker, is the first to get to grips with Mr Shaft. Open mouthed she feeds her throat with dick. Removing her black top, Natalie has her tits fucked by the saliva covered cock, the end jabbing her tongue. Natalie's eyes bulge as Mr Shaft slips into her pussy and starts to bang his balls on her pussy. Turning over, Natalie's pussy is dripping wet, she slides down to ride reverse cowgirl, her cunt squelching. Having been filled it's time for cream, Natalie's tongue getting covered.

DiSanto is chatting to Tequila Woods about her scene when she suddenly stops. Shaft has entered the room and she just wants him in her mouth. Coughing and gagging she swallows all she can, then laps at Shaft's soaking balls, her tits swinging freely as her head bobs up and down. Having tasted it Tequila now wants it inside her pussy. With her dress pulled up round her waist she goes down on all fours to be filled from behind. Stretching wide, she rides the cock then rolls over for Shaft to pump her pussy. Open mouthed, she gasps. Pulling out, Tequila wanks the dick over her face. She loved it, but next time asks if she could she be spit roasted!!

Sitting in a hotel bedroom, new girl Sydney JJ is next for the Shaft treatment, but first Anjali wants to see her huge natural breasts - an ideal match for the enormous cock. Sydney can't believe her eyes when presented with the 12 inch plus dick, her hands hardly span the girth but she still manages to take the head in her mouth. Anjali lends a hand, caressing the staff and running her tongue over the balls while Sydney uses her fingers, pulling her pussy open ready for cock. With a sharp intake of breath, she impales her pussy on Mr Shaft's length, rocking slowly back and forth. Lying on her back, Sydney's stomach twitches as cock is fed into her fanny. Anjali rejoins to lick and spank Sydney's bum as she rides cowgirl on the dick. Her bracelets rattling, Sydney jerks the cock over her tits, rubbing in the jizz.

In a lemon top and skirt, Elle Brooke sits with Anjali on the sofa. She has seen videos of Shaft in action but is surprised at how big he looks in real life. Not put off by the size, Elle wraps her lips around the cock and starts to suck, Anjali helping with the licking. Her pert boobs hanging out of the lemon top, Elle rubs and pulls on her clit. Speechless, her pussy is spread as the huge dick is pushed in. Biting her lip, Elle climbs on the cock, Anjali sucking on her erect nipples. The sight of the two gets her horny and she has to finger her pussy. Elle's face glows red as the man meat throbs between her legs, she has never experienced anything quite like it. Elle is ready for a facial but she is not prepared for the force of Shaft's jet of spunk.

The last girl in the film is Chantelle Stephens. In a white mohair jumper and tartan mini skirt she plays with her boobs and rubs the front of her tight white panties as she complains she isn't getting enough cock. She is amazed at the size of Mr Shaft but still manages to take him gurgling down her throat, almost managing to swallow his full 12 inches. Chantelle rubs the dick over her clit, then rams it deep into her tight pussy, her blonde pigtails swishing as she bounces and gyrates. She never gets this at home. Lying on her back with her leg raised, Chantelle's pussy takes more punishment and by the time she is taken doggy it's red and swollen, but she still wants to be hammered. Finally she wants to drink Shaft's cream. He squirts over her face and her tongue runs round her lips before she licks every last drop from his head.

Six nicely shot scenes, seven sexy girls and over 2½ hours long. There's even credits for the cast!! DiSanto may have a winner in European Blonde Ambition.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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