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Released: 2005
Director: DiSanto
Notes: Killergram / Playhouse
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 130 mins.

More girl on girl action from Will DiSanto as he pushes masses of material out through his deal with Playhouse.

Alicia is sleeping on the sofa when Kyla discovers her with a used condom between her legs. Despite Alicia's denials, Kyla is outraged that Alicia is fucking behind her back so punishes her by lubing her pussy and pushing a variety of long dildos in her pussy and mouth. Alicia keeps her red top, black skirt and hold-ups, but crucially wears no knickers. The pounding continues for a while longer with some interaction from Will behind the camera.

Felicity and Agnis remove the last of their underwear as they share a bath together. There is some very intense kissing and licking which moves this scene from girl-girl into arousing lesbian sex.

More bizarre styling in scene three as Mika, dressed in short skirt, white shirt, fishnets and biker boots, lies on the bed while Emerald fingers her pussy. Emerald wears black rubber skirt and top and both girls are heavily rouged, with Mika's schoolgirl look enhanced with fake freckles and pigtailed hair. After pouring litres of lube over Mika's pussy, Emerald writes bitch, slut and whore over her belly, using the markers as dildos. Things get serious with a black double ender which the girls take bum to bum, then face to face sufficiently deep that their labia brush. The scene continues with more lube and dildos for Mika.

Felicity's bad day continues when she finds big breasted Mellie in the kitchen having mixed up her hot wash. Felicity's stock punishment seems to be to smother her victim's pussy in lube and shove things up it. Felicity removes Mellie's clothes and, calling her baby, pushes a dummy in her mouth and later smothers her with milk and flour as she lies naked on her back on the kitchen floor. More messiness from Felicity, who enhances the fetishist look by wearing pink marigolds throughout.

The next scene opens with Mika squatting on the pavement and taking a leak in broad daylight. She then enters the limo alongside, where she is stripped to her holdup stockings by the waiting Evie. Eventually both girls are undressed for some finger fun before the black double ender appears then disappears completely into the girls' pussies in a face to face fuck.

Wearing a short red dress, Natalie is interviewed by Will in a mixing studio where they go over her previous night's fornication with a rock star. Natalie is expecting the Rock God, but gets only Robyn in slutwear. Getting over her initial disappointment, Natalie strips Robyn to her fishnet tights then reminisces on the absent guy's manhood with a big black dildo. Both girls pleasure each other and themselves with dildos on the leather chesterfield until they're satisfied.

Carmen, in a smart business suit, comes calling on Emerald who is under the sun lamp in her bra and pants. Emerald, apparently, owes Carmen money, so she's dragged onto the bed where Carmen roughly pulls off her pants and administers Bitch Funker punishment: more lube and dildos which Carmen takes from her briefcase. (How is this punishment? Ed). Then it's Carmen's turn as she hitches her skirt to reveal a naked pussy which the now-naked Emerald has to pleasure - while Carmen smokes a fag. Suitably sated, Carmen leaves, threatening to return next week!

This film is typical of the current material from Killergram, at times wildly erotic, at others limp and confusing. Sometimes the poorly lit cinema-verité style is suitable for the action, at others it seems just amateurishly lit and rushed. Overall, not bad to watch but very difficult to describe and review. I fear that in the rush for volume, Killergram is cutting too many corners. The cast lists are a nightmare of different names and missing credits which adds to the rushed feel. Still, much to enjoy with Felicity's scene with Agnis taking top honours for me and a fine double-ender display, from Emerald and Mika, beating the rougher stuff that Kyla and Felicity indulge in. Worth a watch.

Review by Bayleaf
March 2006

Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle's view:

In his productions for Killergram, DiSanto has gone for quantity rather than quality and unfortunately European Bitch Funkers II suffers with poor camera work and picture quality which let down the 11 girls who appear in the film.

Alicia, in her red top, black skirt and stockings, lies on the sofa as Kyla arrives. To her horror she spots a condom between her legs. Kyla empties the contents over Alicia's tits and she massages it in. Shocked at what Alicia has been up to, Kyla decides to punish her pussy with a double ended dong. With her fanny filled with toy, Kyla rams a dildo deep into Alicia's mouth. She seems quite happy to accept the consequences of her actions as larger and larger toys are pushed between her legs. With lube oozing out of her hole, Kyla hammers away, making sure Alicia can't use her cunt for the next few days.

Felicity and Agnis are sharing a bath. Unlike most people, the girls strip after they get in the water. Agnis stands to have her pussy stuffed with fingers and Felicity flicks her tongue over her soapy clit to get the juices flowing. Felicity slides herself up the end of the bath letting Agnis finger her fanny. A small white vibe is slowly eased in. Propped up against the side of the bath, Agnis tries the toy. Vigorous handwork from Felicity makes her cum. Semi-submerged, Agnis moves between Felicity's legs, lapping at her wet cunt as she sighs with pleasure.

Dressed as a school girl in her white blouse and skirt, freckled Kinga lies on the bed swigging on a tin of lager. Emerald, in black leather and rubber, yanks down Kinga's white knickers, pats her pussy and tongues her clit. Stretching to the bedside table, Emerald grabs the lube. Smothering Kinga's cunt she writes on her stomach and bum with a marker pen, then shoves it into her pussy. Emerald squidges a double-ended dildo between Kinga's legs before using the free end on herself. Rolling Kinga over, she pushes the big black toy deep into her pussy and the two do a little bum to bum bonking. Then, turning back, the girls grind their pussies together as they share the toy. Wanting to teach Kinga a lesson, Emerald gets her to deep throat a realistic looking plastic prick as she squirts lube into her mouth. The scene ends with Kinga covered in white goo.

In her pink rubber gloves, Felicity is not happy with Mellie's work in the kitchen. Making her sit on the floor, she rives at her pussy as she pours lube and talc over her body. Mellie starts to cry and a dummy is jammed in her mouth, milk and oil are added to the mess as Felicity punishes Mellie's fanny. The mix of powder and oil clags to her cunt as bigger toys are stuffed into her hole. Still screaming, a strap-on is forced down Mellie's throat as she gets another dusting of talc and oil. As Mellie sobs in the corner, Felicity wants her minge to suffer for her mistakes. Pulling on it hard she slaps and spits on her red raw lips, then leaves.

The next scene is very reminiscent of one in On A Dogging Mission 4. Evie shares a limo with Kinga, but not before she has had a piss on the pavement. Once in the car the girls strip, fingering and feasting on each other's fannies. Evie produces a large black double-ended dong and as the car drives down the road it's slipped into Kinga's lube-covered cunt. Evie tries the other end of the toy and the pair jolt and joggle together. Evie brings herself off with the toy and the girls finish with a little handwork.

Natalie Heck has come to the recording studio hoping to meet her rock star boyfriend. Instead she finds DiSanto and his camera. Sitting on the mixing desk in her bright red leather skirt she flashes as she talks. A knock at the door - it's Robyn in her fishnet tights and short black skirt. Natalie sits beside her on the sofa. The girls kiss, Natalie working her way down to Robyn's pussy. She fingers it through the fishnets and munches at the mesh. Slipping her top off, she invites Robyn to chew on her tits. Taking a big black dildo, Natalie sticks it in Robyn's mouth. She wants her to swallow, but Robyn prefers to use her tongue on the head. Tights off, the toy is plunged into Robyn's pussy, Natalie slowly screwing the plastic round. Sitting back, Natalie pulls open her pussy. Robyn, who is wanking, reaches into her bag and produces a blue and transparent plastic rabbit. The shaft flashes as it pulsates in Natalie's pussy, the humming toy making her cum. Robyn finishes with her fingers and the two kiss.

Mistress Carmen, in her black and white dress, climbs the stairs, case in hand. She knocks on the flat door. It swings open and someone dives out of shot. Emerald lies on the sun bed in her skimpy red lingerie. Carmen wants her money, but Emerald is skint. Carman throws her onto the bed for non-payment punishment. Pulling down her knickers, she lubes between her legs and rams in a toy from her case. Emerald seems only too happy, crying for more as her knickres and a dildo are stuffed in her mouth. Lube seeps out of her pussy as she is wanked. Carmen feeds Emerald plastic prick. Sitting smoking a cigarette, Carmen gets her feet worshipped. Emerald's tongue works it way up her stocking-clad legs and settles into her pussy. Trying to move further up her body, Carman pushes Emerald back between her legs. Slipping out her tits, she lets her nibble her nipples. Debt paid, but she will be back again next week.

The annoying thing about this film is that most of the scenes, with the exception of the kitchen humiliation which does nothing for me, are quite well thought up and sexily performed. Unfortunately the poor production, dodgy camera work and jumpy editing let the whole lot down ... and why is the picture quality so bad? Had this been a first film from DiSanto and Killergram it would have been acceptable, but with more than a dozen under his belt there are no excuses. Only just watchable.

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