< European Porn Stalkers DVD available

Released: 2005
Director: DiSanto
Notes: Killergram / Playhouse
Alternate Titles
  • British Porn Stalkers R18 DVD available
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 135 mins.

As with the first three films released under the Killergram label the picture quality lacks a little in clarity and contrast, but apart from the crudely shot second scene the film is watchable. From the chat between DiSanto and the girls some of the footage was probably originally bound for Pornstatic's Porn School production but found its way into European Porn Stalkers.

Anjali Kara, dressed in her black leather top and mini skirt, enters a luxury apartment to find Sydney sitting on the sofa sucking cock. She sets off to find what else the flat has to offer. In the bathroom she spies a guy in the shower and, opening the door, she teases his dick with her tongue. The couple wander to the bedroom where Anjali drops her knickers and spreads her pussy over his face as she wraps her lips round his tool. Anjali prepares for the guy by fingering herself, she then slowly eases his cock into her wet crack. With the muscles on her thighs taut and twitching, Anjali is entered doggy and she pants with each plunge of the prick. With her mouth wide open, the guy wanks his load over her face.

In the next scene, shot in what looks like a factory toilet, Sydney enters one of the cubicles to finger herself as the traffic roars by outside. Lifting her black dress and perched on the pan, her body jolts as she penetrates her pussy. Noticing she is being watched Sydney, flashes her huge tits at the cameraman and rubs at her smoothly shaven mound. When a black guy enters, Sydney is fully dressed again. She grabs his cock and wanks it into her mouth. Her boobs bouncing, she is filled from behind while bent over the basin. The pair move back to the cubicle where Sydney finishes the session cowgirl. This scene is spoiled by poor lighting and noise. Close-ups with a camera-mounted light bleach out all colour and definition and there is the constant rumble of lorries in the background.

Air hostess Keira strips out of her uniform after a long haul unaware that there is a snooper in her hotel room. Catching the guy, she plans to make him pay for breaking in. Her pussy is hot and sweaty after the 12-hour flight; so she gets him to lick it clean. Next her arse could do with tonguing. The guy obeys as Keira has tight hold of his joy stick and his balls in her mouth. She then gets him to fuck her throat. Keira's tongue lapping at the guy's nut sack makes her want more. She turns him over and hammers down on his dick. Hungry for cock, Keira does the splits, falling forward for the stalker to fuck her fanny. He showers her face in spunk and Keira licks it off.

Marissa has brought a new stud to try out at the Pornostatic studios - Miko, but first she wants to finger herself. When the new boy arrives it is obvious why - her sucking and cajoling can only get him semi stiff. Licking her clit may do the trick. Miko tongues away at Marissa's shaved pussy and she eventually brings him to life. With her snatch wet and open it's time to use the wood, doggy first, then rolling into spoons. Marissa's magic starts to fail and a flaccid prick is pulled from her pussy. After a long wank Marissa gets some reward, a cream face pack.

Chewing away at her gum, Sabrina sits in her red lingerie and black fishnet stockings waiting to teach new boy Scorpion a lesson .. but he's late. When Sabrina sees what he has down his trousers she forgives him ... provided he pays attention to her lessons. The first is swallowing his dick. Sabrina gargles and dribbles as she drives Scorpion's cock down her throat. She is more than happy with his performance. Next lesson tit fucking and Sabrina's tongue flicks over the head of the cock as it is squeezed between her boobs. The pair climb onto the bed to 69, Sabrina forcing her fanny into Scorpion's face as she laps at his tool. Lying face down on the bed, Sabrina grasps the mattress as she takes the whole length deep into her pussy. By the time the couple move to the sofa her buttocks are rosy red with the banging. A little riding and it's back to the bed, Scorpion holding down her wriggling writhing body as he rams his rod home. Ready to cum, Scorpion squirts his spunk over Sabrina's face and she licks it off.

The last scene sees Chloe B, Natalie Heck and Sabrina, all dressed in pink, sitting on a sofa. Three girls but only one Mr Shaft. They are going to have to compete for his cock. Natalie grabs the dick and takes it into her mouth. The other two join in the licking. Each then sees how much she can swallow. The girls gag as it passes their tonsils. Naughty Natalie is caught cheating and is sent to the corner to play with her pussy while Chloe and Sabrina taste man meat. On returning, the girls decide Natalie should ride the shaft. She slips it into her pussy cowgirl, then turns on her back to be fucked missionary. Rocking and rolling, she can feel the end pressing on her stomach. Pulling out, Shaft covers Natalie in cream.

Apart from the picture quality and choice of location for the second scene, most of European Porn Stalkers was quite good, with the girls turning in decent performances. Perhaps a little more wood from Miko would have been helpful.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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