< European Ethnic Honeyz II DVD available

Released: 2006
Director: DiSanto
Notes: Killergram / Playhouse
Alternate Titles
  • British Ethnic Honeyz II R18 DVD available
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 126 mins.

DiSanto once again turns his camera on some sizzling Ethnic Honeyz in the British adult scene. Alongside Killergram co-founder Anjali Kara, we find Grace Morarji, Tiara Gomez, Ariana Mistry and Kyla Marshall, all up for some big cock action in the inimitable DiSanto style.

Sitting in a kitchen wearing a grey-checked skirt and white blouse, Grace is eager to take on the legend that is Mr Shaft. She strips down to her sexy black underwear, a strings of pearls draped across her boobs and arse. Grace rubs her pussy and licks her lips in anticipation. Wrapping both hands around its girth, Grace guides the monster length between her lips and sucks. Spit dribbles down the dick as she wanks it into her mouth. Felicity moves in to spread Grace's pussy lips and fingers her hole in readiness for what it's about to receive. Kneeling astride Mr Shaft, Grace slides the condom clad cock deep into her pussy and rocks against his balls. A lick of the dick and Grace drops on all fours to be taken doggy style. Pausing for a while to let her pussy recover, Grace is up for another stretching. She tries Mr Shaft missionary before he jets his jizz over her face.

With her bra and panties visible through her black mesh dress, Kyla turns and wiggles her arse for the camera. She tells the guys she can't wait to get her hands on some cock. A dick appears beside her face. Kyla crams it deep into her mouth. Knickers off, she straddles the guy as she sucks. Her fanny is forced into his face. He fingers and laps at Kyla. She moves to play with her pussy. Gripping his cock, Kyla wanks his cum into her mouth.

A lolly in one hand, Ebony (as Marrisa) gently rocks on a space hopper as she slips her fingers into her blue cotton panties. Undoing her white blouse, she runs the sticky sweet over her boobs, teasing her nipples. Moving to the stairs, Ebony sticks her arse high in the air and works a finger into her pussy. A suited guy yanks down her knickers and crawls between her legs. She sits on his face. Swapping the lolly for man meat, Ebony tugs and sucks on the dick till it empties its load into her mouth.

Unzipping her top, Anjali's hand continues down her body to her black embroidered knickers. Sliding in her hand, she starts to finger herself. Lifting her boobs from her bra, she tugs at her nipples. A hand rests on the top of her head. Anjali turns to be confronted by cock. Dribbling over the head, she guides it between her lips, then runs the wet length down her cleavage. The dick back in her mouth, Anjali gets her tonsils probed. She swings round to 69. Stripped down to her black boots, Anjali mounts the cheb. Her boobs bounce and sway in the guy's face as she hammers down on the dick. Spoons progresses to doggy. The two twist and turn on the sofa. Legs akimbo, Anjali ends the session being taken missionary. The guy wanks his cream onto her tongue.

Bubbly bouncy Tiara sits on a sofa, in a yellow top and pants, waiting to see what DiSanto has in store for her. When the guy appears she's straight into action, pulling at his pants to get to his prick. Holding the base of his rod, Tiara kneels on the sofa and swallows prick. The guy sits. Tiara moves between his legs and sucks. Her pants down, the guy slaps and fingers her fanny as she buries her face in his lap. Placed on the sofa, he shoves his dick into Tiara's smoothly shaven snatch. Climbing onto the cock, Tiara rides cowgirl. The two quickly revert to missionary. Following a good long blow job, Tiara drops on all fours. The guy bangs away from behind, eventually pulling out to shot over her back.

In the last scene, shot before her boob job, Anjali is joined by Arianna on the sofa. The camera pans back and forth between the girls as they chat. Easing Arianna's breasts out of her bra, Anjali leans forward and licks at her pierced nipples. The two kiss, their tongues intertwining. Hands start to explore bodies. Fingers find the tops of fishnet stockings and continue up denim skirts. Seeing Arianna is wearing crotchless knickers, Anjali moves in to lick. Her tongue darts and flicks at Arianna's clit. Rolling her over, Anjali spreads Arianna's bum and starts to finger. Arianna smiles as she's lapped, then starts to play solo. Working her way up Anjali's stockings, Arianna reaches her pussy. Her mouth teases and sucks. Down on the shag pile, the girls 69. With Anjali's help, Arianna brings herself to climax.

DiSanto and the team at Killergram know and show how good Gonzo style films should be made. And although European Ethnic Honeyz II is not without its cinematic faults, these minor technical glitches can be easily overlooked when you look at the quality of the performances. Three girls stand out: Anjali is, as ever, sexy and hot, as are Arianna and Grace. European Ethnic Honeyz II is a Killergram film well worth watching.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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