< European Ethnic Honeyz DVD available

Released: 2006
Director: DiSanto
Notes: Killergram / Playhouse
Alternate Titles
  • British Ethnic Honeyz R18 DVD available
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 146 mins.

DiSanto and Anjali Kara have brought together a mix of new faces and established girls for their latest production, European Ethnic Honeyz. For the brave there is Mr Shaft and his 12 inches plus to tackle while the remainder take on the equally well-endowed two James's.

New girl Missy Lee, in her tight black dress and back-less boots, is keen to show her assets - a pair of FF boobs and a nice big arse. The Shaft appears and Missy grabs his cock in one hand and massages his balls in the other before sliding the head into her open mouth. She drops the dress and her tits dangle and slowly sway as she kneels to swallow Shaft's length. Knickers off, her pussy is wet and ready for action. Shaft lies back and lets Missy lower herself onto his cock. They roll over and the shagging continues, but Missy wants to take it all. She lies in the missionary position, pulling her legs right back. Her stomach twitches with every thrust. A little doggy action and Shaft is ready. He squirts his load over her massive FF's.

In a white boob tube, Anjali takes us on a tour of her flat overlooking London Docklands before introducing Keira who is in a white bikini flaunting her new tits. Keira rubs away between her legs while Anjali acts as a fluffer getting Mr Shaft ready for action. Keira joins in the preparation work wrapping her long tongue around the head as Anjali nibbles on his nuts. Panties off, Keira is soaking. She slides down Shaft's erection reverse cowgirl, her juices running down his cock. Anjali licks at the dick as Keira stretches her pussy with four fingers, ready to be taken missionary. The girls break, Keira standing on the balcony showing London her enhanced cleavage. Back inside Keira has one more go at riding Mr Shaft before getting her new tits christened with spunk.

In a khaki bikini, Leah Joshi has turned up to do her first boy/girl scene and Natalie Heck, dressed in black leather, is there to help her. Natalie pulls at her pussy as the girls kiss before the pair then set about the cock of a soldier who is there to provide the man meat. Leah wraps her lips around the erect dick and swallows. Natalie pulls down her pants and is sent to the corner to wank. Standing astride the soldier, Leah slides her way down his cock till it's deep inside. Encouraged by Natalie, the two turn to fuck doggy, Leah ramming her body back on his cock. Mounting the guy, Leah plays with her clit as they hump. They fall over and end up shagging spoons, the soldier spraying his load over her arse.

Anjali introduces new girl Ariana Mistary in her fluorescent pink top and crotchless black knickers. The girls have been shagging all day, but not with the cameras rolling. Presented with James's dick, the girls decide to share, each taking their turns in taking it down their throats. With saliva running down Anjali's chin, Ariana pulls on her pierced nipples and fingers herself. Pulling her pink panties to one side. James eases his cock into Anjali's pussy and she wraps her black boots round his back to hold him tight. With her knickers off, Anjali moves to mount James, but no matter how she wriggles she can't take his full length. If it won't fit her pussy she can try and swallow it; so the couple 69. At last Ariana gets her chance to try James's man hood. Parting her pussy he slips in doggy style and starts to pump. Ariana's moans are muffled when Anjali forces her mouth into her minge. The girls lie and kiss as James spunks over their faces.

Having shared a cock with Ariana, Anjali wants the next all to her self. In a shocking pink dress she sips a large glass of wine while a second James sits on the sofa. Lying over his knees she flashes her pink knickers as James spanks away at her bum. Crouching in front of him, Anjali wanks his cock into her cheek, her hand rhythmically sliding back and forth. She drops her knickers and the pair 69, James filling his face with fanny. Hitching up her dress, Anjali wants to be fucked and fucked hard. Her hips rock as she is shagged doggy. The two turn so Anjali can ride, hammering her body down on the dick. As the two change positions again James tells Anjali he has been saving his load for her. Pulling out he floods her face and neck in white cream.

The final girl is Naomi Steel, another newcomer. Not ready to take on Mr Shaft, this big boobed girl sits in her nurses outfit waiting for the next best thing, Ricky Steel. Following a long snog she lifts out her FF-size boobs to let Ricky suck her nipples. He then heads down to lick her white panties. The two strip and 69, Naomi taking mouthfuls of cock as Ricky gulps down pussy juice. Naomi gives a gasp as Ricky inches his manhood into her pussy. Shock overcome, Naomi goes down on all fours to be bonked doggy. Finally she wants to take his full length and, lying, she pulls her legs back to open her pussy wide. Ricky pulls out to shower her FF's in goo and Naomi rubs it in.

A nicely-made film with some reasonable new girls. There are questions as to the ethnicity of Natalie ... good to see her and Keira, new boobs and all, in the film. There is still a slight problem with picture quality on faster moving bits of the film, but not a bad effort.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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