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Released: 2006
Director: DiSanto
Notes: Killergram / Playhouse, see also egafd
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 131 mins.

European Bitch Fuckers 3 is not one of those soft and gentle girl-on-girl films, but a hard in-your-face affair where the girls get hot with heavy duty toys and buckets of lube. Nicely, DiSanto has titled each scene with the names of the girls who appear; it's a pity this idea hadn't been carried forward to the cast list on the cover.

Nikki, Lilly and Dior
In her white summer dress and lace stockings, Nikki lounges with the phone glued to her ear and her fingers embedded in her fanny. Moaning, she works away with her digits and has got her pussy very damp when Lilly and Dior enter in their best black lingerie and fishnets to give her a hand. Felicity appears and coats Nikki's cunt with copious amounts of lube before giving the girls a large curved toy to use. Stretching her pussy, the toy is inserted. The girls turn their attention to her arse, filling it first with a red, then a black dong, before DPing her with plastic. Pulling on a shoe with a dildo on the toe, Lilly punts Nikki in the cunt. She falls to the floor to shine the shoe with her tongue. Climbing back onto the sofa, Nikki plays as the girls leave.

Donna and Grace
Grace relaxes, her tits out of her black bra, as she strokes her swollen pussy lips through her knickers. Donna arrives home and is not happy to find Grace has been playing with her toys. She decides to teach her a lesson. Opening Grace's mouth, she screws a black toy down her throat, then, picking a red double ended dildo, rams it between her legs. Grace takes her punishment without flinching. Donna pulls down her black lace dress and swings her big boobs hard against Grace's face. Grace moans. Lighting a cigarette, Donna pops it into Grace's wet pussy. The filter gets covered in juice, she smokes it. Finally Grace is placed face down and smothered in lube. Her tits wobble and she squirms as a long dong is inched into her tight hole.

Chantelle and Amanda
Chantelle sits, her big boobs out of her tight red top. Beside her is blonde Amanda in her pale blue lingerie. Peeling down her blue bra, Chantelle nibbles at Amanda's big breasts then lets her slip down between her open fishnet-clad legs to lick her pussy. Easing open her lips, Amanda slides a realistic looking toy into Chantelle's cunt. Removing Amanda's blue knickers, Chantelle smothers the smoothly-shaven snatch in lube. The plastic prick is eased into her tight twat and, grabbing hold, she starts to wank. Kneeling, Chantelle shows how it should be done, plunging the toy into her pussy. Smothered in lube, the girls share a double ended dong. The scene ends with pair pumping away at their pussies on the sofa.

Evie and Felicity
Sitting open-legged on the floor, Evie runs a sword dildo up and down her white dress, then over her fanny. Felicty arrives in her black PVC dress and thigh length boots. She bends down between Evie's legs but her full-face mask prevents her from licking pussy. Filling Evie with white lube, Felicity stabs in the sword dildo. Juices and cream ooze out of her hole. A boot is placed against her pussy to stop her wriggling as she is wanked. Lying in a pool of goo, Felicity hammers and twists toys into Evie's pussy as she spatters her body with more lube. A dildo attached to her mask, Evie rocks against Felicity's face. The pair roll over, Evie climaxing as she rides the snout.

Carmen and Nichola
Mistress Carmen, in her sexy black-leather dress and fishnet stockings, puffs on a cigarette then blows the smoke over Nichola's face. Her hands fondle her tits then slip into her knickers to explore the folds of her pussy. Carmen sits back, legs open, and gets Nichola to bury her face in her fanny. Knickers off, an inflatable dildo is inserted into Nichola's damp pussy. Carmen dons her dildo shoe and gets her to ride it. The two slip along each end of a double-headed dildo. Nichola's eyes stare as Carman uses the toy on her tonsils. Her stockings removed, Carmen's toes get tongued. Nichola moves up her leg as Carman takes another draw on her fag.

Jemma and Louise
Jemma is home alone in her luxury open plan flat. Her hands wander over her body as she watches porn on the telly. Parting her pussy lips, she pops a finger in and is wanking away when the door slams. Louise in her tight and shiny pink dress has come home from work. Crouching, she coats Jemma's hairy pubes in lube and slips in a large curved toy. Her tongue laps at the wet clit. She slips out of her dress and the girls lick and chew each other's tits. The inflatable dildo is used on Jemma's pussy. Felicity turns up with her dildo shoes and Jemma is soon sliding her pussy up and down the shaft before helping the pair with a double ender. Felicity works the girls till they climax.

Though there is a bit of bum spanking, the film doesn't go over the top. The camera work and editing were also commendable, though (in common with other Killergram productions) the picture quality was not great. Top marks for great girls and unusual toys. This, along with toning down the rough stuff, makes European Bitch Fuckers 3 the best in the series so far.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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