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Released: 2006
Director: Neville
Notes: Film Erotica
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Running time: 120 mins.

Suzie Best is the Estate Agent. Having shown Dougie a flat he didn't like they're back at Suzie's office where she wants to show him more particulars and in order to keep him in London she offers him a spare bed for the night and a drink. Dougie doesn't need a second invitation and moments later his hand is up Suzie's skirt and in her knickers. The pair take a long time to undress with plenty of kissing and oral until they're both naked on Suzie's desk and the fucking begins. Fine reverse cowgirl followed by anal in doggie over the desk and spoons on the carpet. Moving back to the desk, Suzie lies on her back while Dougie pounds away in her arse until he pops his load inside, withdrawing to allow his cum to flow over the desk.

Tall, slim and dark, Frankie is walking home wearing long black boots, denim micro skirt and bomber jacket. Back in the flat she makes tea for herself and Steve Hooper and joins him on the sofa having removed her jacket to reveal a very pretty bra. Initially Steve is more interested in the sports pages of his broadsheet paper (the man has class) but he soon succumbs to Frankie's overwhelming charms. Kissing and slowly undressing, Steve pulls Frankie's matching panties aside revealing a neatly trimmed pubic bush. Plenty more oral sex with Frankie stripped to her thighboots before Steve fucks her in spoons, reverse cowgirl and doggie on the sofa. Scene ends with Steve coming in Frankie's mouth. Superb.

Sasha is alone in her flat, reading a girly mag and stroking her pussy, when she is disturbed by dominating girlfriend Renee. Renee is unhappy that Sasha is wanking without her and punishes her with a few slaps to the bum. Renee removes Sasha's pants and later her t-shirt, while continuing to beat her bum and pussy with a paddle slapper. More mildly rough gg as Renee sits on Sasha's face followed by more smacking as Sasha gets a dildo in her pussy too. The girls then play hide the double-ender on the shagpile, vigorously and successfully.

Meanwhile Suzie has arrived to show Steve the flat where they discover Renee and Sasha in flagrante. Renee, it seems, swings both ways, forcing Steve back onto the sofa and releasing his cock from his jeans. The light and airy flat offers spacious accommodation including extensive mirror-fronted built-in wardrobes in the bedroom where Suzie is quickly undressing with the naked Sasha for some gg action on an antique barber's chair. When Renee drags a naked Steve into the bedroom, Suzie joins them on the bed; Steve fucks Renee in spoons while Sasha watches. Cowgirl both ways for Renee before she sits on Steve's face allowing Suzie to sit on his cock. Steve fucks both girls side by side in doggie before Suzie takes his cock up the bum in cowgirl and spoons as the scene and the film ends with the girls sharing a facial and swapping the cum.

A very accomplished film, nicely shot with just enough scene setting to keep the narrative going. Top class cast, Suzie and Renee at their animal best with two of the biggest and most reliable cocksmen around - Steve and Dougie. Last month I watched Frankie in a solo scene in Poppy Morgan's Knob Noshers and wished to see her in bg action. My wish was granted and her performance here would have been worth twice the wait. Excellent production, although the odd directorial instruction could have been edited out. Congrats to Neville and the Film Erotica team.

Review by Bayleaf
April 2006

Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle's view:

Following on from Country Life, Film Erotica have turned their attentions to The Estate Agent. The cast list is small, with only four girls and two boys, and they have gone for four longer scenes rather than the normal five, but Film Erotica make it work.

Estate agent Suzie has shown Dougie some properties, but they are not quite what he wanted. Back in the office she searches through her paperwork for something more suitable. She leans over the desk to point it out on the map and her skirt rides up, flashing her lemon-coloured knickers. Dougie's hand brushes against her bum. He kneels and his tongue laps her arse as he fingers her. Easing out Suzie's tits Dougie chews, then heads south to her clit. Kneeling, Suzie licks at Dougie's erect member through his pants. Unzipping, she starts to suck. Her papers are thrown off the desk and the two 69, Suzie filling her face with dick as she is finger fucked. The table flexes as the pair hammer away, Suzie pulling open her arse to take Dougie's cock. Her body twitches as she moans, making Dougie almost cum. The second time up her arse is too much though. Dougie fills Suzie's bum with cream. She scoops out the spunk.

On a grey wet day tall, slim Frankie walks home across a square, her thigh-length boots making her legs look as if they go on forever. In the flat, Steve Hooper is waiting on the settee. She joins him and the two start to kiss. Steve's hands wander over Frankie's body as she rubs the front of his jeans. Loosening her spotty red bra, Steve sucks at her nipples as his fingers enter her fur-covered pussy. He bends to taste and Frankie stands allowing her denim skirt to fall to the floor. She crouches to take Steve's shaft in her mouth as she plays with his balls. The pair move back to the sofa to 69. When she is nice and wet they lie side by side to shag spoons. Sitting upright, Frankie slides Steve's cock between her legs and starts to moan. The two roll, ending doggy style. With his hand grasping his dick, Steve wanks into Frankie's mouth and she licks off every last drop.

Gazing out of an upstairs window, Zoe looks bored. Moving back into the room she picks up a magazine and starts to play with her pussy as she flicks through the pictures. Renee enters and is annoyed at what she sees. Bending her over she starts to spank her bum, making Zoe's cheeks rosy red. Renee finds a leather paddle pushed down the sofa and taps the still-unrepentant Zoe's pussy. Zoe is pushed onto the sheepskin rug for her punishment to continue, Renee squeezing her tits then forcing her face hard into her fanny. Licking her pussy isn't enough. Renee wants to feel Zoe's tongue in her arse. Grabbing a vibrator Renee rams it hard into Zoe's cunt, making her jump and twitch. Time to make Renee cum. With Renee's legs open, Zoe laps and slurps at her clit. Now armed with a double-ended dong, Renee jabs it into Zoe and grinds her way down the other end. The two roll and moan on the rug.

Suzie is about to show Steve a flat. She opens the door and marches in to find Renee and Zoe cavorting around on the floor. Unfazed, Renee stands, grabs Steve and leads him off to the bedroom, Zoe drags Suzie toward an old dentist's chair. Stripping Suzie down to her azure bra and knickers, Zoe sits in the chair legs parted and gets her to munch on minge. Hearing a noise, she turns to find Steve and Renee romping around on the bed and she joins them. The two take turns riding his dick and sitting on his face as they kiss each other. Steve shags the duo from behind as they lie face down on the bed. Suzie wraps her legs around his hips to pull him in tighter. Suzie rides Steve up her arse. The two move so she can suck at Renee's pussy and she falls forward to tongue and finger Suzie's clit. Both suck on Steve's cock until he fills Renee's mouth with cream. She dribbles it over Suzie's face.

The Estate Agent is a nicely made film with good performances from all. Renee looks sexy and dirty throughout and young blonde Suzie, who looks as if butter wouldn't melt in her mouth, is boiling hot. Easy to see why they are two of the best British actresses around at the moment. Frankie should also be mentioned; tall, slim and very sexy, a star in the making. Great watch from Film Erotica. Lets hope there are more on the way.

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