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Released: 2006
Director: DiSanto
Notes: Killergram / Playhouse
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Running time: 136 mins.

Killergram's hard girl-girl strand continues with more scenes of young attractive women getting objects pushed in their pussies with the aid of a variety of lubricants, which means that they end up stuffed and messy. This series provides some of the roughest UK girl-girl action which is why it's released in Holland without R18 certification.

Samantha Bond discovers Karla Romano bouncing on a large black dildo in their toilet. Samantha removes her own dress and Karla's dress and pants (the girls don't wear much as they were getting ready to go out) and rams a collection of objects into Karla's pussy including a large black double ender and a toy hammer. And finally, despite the liberal use of lube, Karla can only manage the tip of a basball bat inside her (and I do mean the business end not the handle).

Hayley and Lolly Badcock undress each other in the kitchen and get messy with chocolate. There's a distinctly juvenile feel here with Hayley's hair in bunches while Lolly wears a short plaid skiirt and white shirt. Lolly takes the dominant role, soaking Hayley then fucking her with a strapon, dildos and a lollipop. Scene ends with Hayley covered in 'hundreds and thousands' sweets which stick to the lube that covers her body.

Passion calls at Cherry's flat for, er, sex and domination, which is exactly what she gets. Both girls wear rubber, although Passion is quickly stripped and her fishnet tights torn so that Cherry can fuck her with various dildos and toy of choice, the hammer.

After a little solo action from Brigitte Bergen, the action switches to the kitchen where her pussy is pounded by Storm Sanders and Sammy Jay. The girls have written over Brigitte's bum instructions to fuck her cunt, which they do with a variety of dildos. All the girls wear nice lingerie throughout which gets pretty messy by the end.

Chloe Windsor has hitched up her dress and pulled her knickers aside to give us a solo dildo show while chatting to the cameraman. Passion, in black leather and thighboots, joins Chloe on the sofa, undresses her and the girls pleasure each other with plastic. Things get messy later when Passion smothers Chloe's face in cream and forces a condom into her mouth.

Lolly is back drawing on a fat cigar and blowing smoke into Felicity Grace's face. The cigar is eventually smoked and the girls, in pvc and fishnets, get down to the serious business of being dirty and fucking each other's pussies. It's Felicity's pussy that takes most of the puishment before Lolly drops wax from a lit candle over her body and inserts it in her pussy and arse. More mess with funnels and pipes as Lolly forces milk into Felicity's mouth and pussy.

DiSanto and his team really get very dirty (in both senses) in this film. The girls give each other no quarter as they ram the plastic between each other's legs. The scenes are mainly shot using hand held direct lighting giving an atmospheric low key feel which means the action is sometimes obscure. One for the guys who like their girls messy.

Review by Bayleaf
January 2007

Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle's view:

In bringing eleven of the sultriest girls together and adding huge toys and other objects, Killergram have ended up with six of the hottest, messiest, girl-on-girl scenes going.

With a big black dildo stuck to the top of the toilet, Karla Romano pushes it past her white panties just as Samantha enters the bathroom. Holding the toy, Samantha bites at Karla's boobs as she impales her pussy on the plastic. Her own tits out of her black and red micro dress, Samantha helps Karla strip and buries her face in her fanny. In a pool of light, Karla balances on the edge of the bath. Samantha jabs a double-ended dong into her pussy. A smothering of lube and Karla tries something even bigger. White cream oozes from her cunt and drips on to her thigh. Gagging on the shaft of a toy hammer, Samantha thrusts it deep into Karla's snatch. It makes her squirt. Samantha uses a rabbit on her own pussy while she watches Karla screw a toy into her dripping wet hole. With fluids flowing, Karla is coated in lube. She brings herself off with the business end of a baseball bat.

In a 'school girl' outfit and striped stockings, Haley sits on the sofa with her hand in the sweet tin. Lolly arrives similarly dressed, her hair in bunches, to find all her favourites have gone. Cramming the remaining sweets into Haley's mouth, Lolly sets about destroying her blouse and smearing half chewed chocolate over her tits. Pushing Haley onto all fours, Lolly wipes her toffee covered fingers over her bum then shoves some more sweets into her pussy. Lifting her tartan mini skirt, Lolly reveals a strap on. She gets Haley to deep throat her plastic prick before thrusting it between her pussy lips. A dollop of lube and Lolly reams her fanny with a big black toy. Making sure Haley will never eat Lolly's chocs again, she ends the scene coating her body in hundreds and thousands.

It's Halloween and Passion, in her leather dress and long black boots, has the misfortune of being mistaken for a trick or treater when she knocks at Cherry's door. Dragged into the flat by rubber clad Cherry, Passion is thrown onto the sofa where her fishnet tights are pulled asunder. Her black leather gloves covered in white goo, Cherry slaps them into Passion's pussy. More white gunk is poured as a dagger shaped toy is jabbed into Passion's cunt. A hammer and a cork screw shaped toy are next in Passion's pussy. Cherry threatens to wank her so hard she'll be unable to walk, never mind trick or treating. Firing party poppers at Passion, Cherry forces her big boobs into her face. Dropping a vibrator into Passion's handbag, she is thrown out of the door.

Lying in her white lingerie and stockings, Sammy Jay pulls her panties aside and plants a dildo deep in her pussy. Storm Sanders goes to the kitchen to find Sammy wanking with one of her toys. Brigitte Bergen also turns up. The two turn Sammy on to all fours and find her bum covered with 'fuck me' messages. That's all the invitation the pair need. Grabbing a big red rod, they jam it into Sammy's pussy. Pulling her head back by her hair, Sammy is made to swallow a black shaft. With lube trickling over Sammy, the girls decide her pussy can take something a little larger. They run through a range of strange shaped objects, stretching her wider and wider. Unzipping her pink overalls, Brigitte holds out her pierced nipples for Sammy to chew on. Not wanting to be left out, Storm lifts her black net top to have her tits sucked. Thrown off the settee, Sammy is told to eat pussy. Her tongue laps at Brigitte's clit. Smearing lipstick round her mouth, Sammy leaves a big red ring round Brigitte's dildo as she gives it a blow job.

With her bleached blonde hair and multiple piercing, Chloe (as Pinky) sits on the sofa with a long black dildo in her pussy. Slipping her boobs out of her purple and black bra, Chloe works away at her clit until a leather and PVC clad Passion approaches. Showing how the toy should be used, Passion twists and turns it as it slides in and out. Stripping Chloe to her silver shoes, Passion runs her hands over her pale body. Taking a pink dildo, she rams it deep into her hairy muff. Grabbing Chloe's semi shorn locks, Passion holds her face against her fanny to be licked. Slipping three fingers into her shaven snatch, Passion quickly climaxes. Plastering Chloe's face in white cream, Passion crams two condoms into her mouth. Her lesson in lesbian domination is over.

Dressed in a PVC basque and long black boots, Lolly sits puffing at a large cigar. Lying at her feet is Felicity Grace. Bending forward, Lolly blows smoke over Felicity's face, then holds the cigar for her to inhale. Her mouth full of smoke, Lolly forces Felicity to suck on the heel of her shoe and paints round her mouth with red lippy. A big black dildo stands on the floor. Grabbing Felicity's head, Lolly makes her gag on it. Ripping open Felicity's red fishnets, Lolly penetrates her pussy with her gloved fingers. A big black staff replaces her hand. Lighting a candle, Lolly drips wax over Felicity's boobs then uses her bum as a holder. Placing a funnel in Felicity's mouth, Lolly empties in half a carton of milk. The rest is poured into her fanny. Lolly laps it up.

With such extreme girl-on-girl action it's clear to see why the unexpurgated version of this film isn't available as an R18 release. The BBFC would have a field day hacking out large sections from each scene. Although I'm not a great fan of the excessive, Killergram have not gone too far over the top and the film's tough rough is still enjoyable. One thing to learn from European Bitch Fuckers IV is never to pinch Lolly's chocolates. The consequences can be messy.

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