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Released: 2006
Director: Freddie Morse / Bob Bennett
Notes: MSS Interactive
Alternate Titles
  • Extreme British Anal DVD available American Xcess
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Running time: 108 mins.

Freddie Morse and Bob Bennett have pushed at the boundaries to produce many hard and hot films and Extreme Anal is no exception. The five scenes star seven great girls in a mixture of boy/girl and lesbian action, all with an anal theme.

Lolly is on the lawn playing croquet with Amber. As she runs her hand down the handle on the mallet she starts to feel horny. Looking around there are no blokes to be seen; so Lolly drops her knickers and gets Amber to suck at her damp cunt. After finger fucking Amber the girls decide on a game of dare, but with no man meat about the two turn vegetarian, Lolly lifting a box of fruit and veg out of the car. Amber gags on a banana, then lets Lolly slip it between her legs to eat. It tastes great, even better when it's shoved up Amber's bum. For Lolly's challenge Amber pushes a carrot in her cunt. Lolly complains it's not big enough; so it's swapped for a cucumber. With Lolly up on her shoulders, Amber stabs her swollen pussy lips with the smooth green shaft. Jamming it in Lolly's arse, Amber slides herself down the other end of the veg and DP's her with a second cucumber. Grabbing a stick of rhubarb, Amber turns herself into a rhubarb tart. Lolly's eyes light up when she picks up the butter squash - it has to go up her bum!!!

Tanned Karla turns up at Tony and Pascal's warehouse flat for a drink. Sitting between them, she looks at the river through the open door. The boys are more interested in looking at Karla. Slipping her tits out of her white lace bra, they start to suck. Pascal drops to the floor to lap at her smoothly-shaven snatch. With Tony's cock in her mouth, Pascal pushes his prick in her pussy spoons. Undoing the ties, her top falls away and Karla turns to taste herself off Pascal while Tony hammers away doggy. Getting Tony to sit, she mounts his dick. Her bum cheeks bounce and ripple as she thrusts herself down. With her pussy full, Karla wants Pascal in her arse. The boys bang away at both her holes. Crying out, Karla wants both cocks in her arse and the two plug her gaping hole. When ready to cum, they flood Karla's mouth with spunk. It dribbles over her chin and onto her tits.

Slim blonde Kylie climbs endless stairs to get to Sensi's top-floor flat. When she arrives she stretches out over his black and white striped sofa showing her pale pink knickers. He leans forward to tongue her pretty shaved pussy. Sensi's hands explore Kylie's body, caressing her tits and sliding between her lips. Kylie stands and does a little dance, her top and skirt discarded as she moves. Grabbing his cock with both hands she takes the head in her mouth. It's so big she wants it in her cunt. Kneeling on the sofa, Kylie is taken from behind. It's hard to believe she takes the full length. Next she wants it up her bum. Sensi eases open her arse with his thumb and squeezes it into her tight hole. Kylie pants as she thrusts herself back on the prick. Having taken Sensi doggy, Kylie mounts his cock to be taken cowgirl up the arse. The two fall onto their sides to finish the session. Open mouthed, Kylie gets her face covered in jizz.

Natalie Heck is having a relaxing time sitting on the sofa with her feet up. Maid Roxanne, in her see-through black and white uniform, enters with something to freshen her up - a tray of toys. Natalie pulls at Roxanne's erect nipples then buries her face in her fanny to lick. Roxanne strips Natalie out of her black leather dress to lap at her pussy before unwrapping a red vibrator and wedging it deep up her arse. It makes her gape. The next toy to be unpacked is a violet vibe. With Natalie's help Roxanne takes the long smooth toy in her bum. Next out of the box is a rotating shaft. Natalie covers it in lube and pushes the full length into Roxanne's arse. She can still take something bigger, but both hands are needed to get the pink butt plug in her hole. Now it's Natalie's turn with the spinning shaft on full power. Roxanne eases the buzzing toy into Natalie's arse and her cries of pleasure almost drown out the humming from her bum. She climaxes and the two kiss.

The final scene starts with dark haired DJ on her knees sucking Dougie's dick. He looks round apprehensively, worried in case her husband returns. After giving Dougie a tit fuck, she is deep throating his cock when Ian Tait walks in. Rather than be annoyed he rubs at her pussy though her black knickers and drops his pants to fuck her throat. It's DJ's dream come true - she has always wanted to be fucked by two guys. Her mouth full of Dougie, Ian bonks her pussy then arse. Stopping, he wants to watch DJ ride Dougie. With his cock in her pussy she leans forward to bounce, her big boobs swinging freely. Lying back on Dougie, DJ wants some DP action. She turns so Ian can fill her arse. The scene ends with DJ being pile driven in the bum, the boys covering her pussy with spunk and letting it run in streams down her body.

Hot, horny and very very naughty. It's very hard to pick fault with the girls or their performances. New girl Kylie was amazing the way she took Sensi's huge prick and Lolly and Amber have obviously been listening to the advice about increasing their fruit and veg intake. A great British picture and a must to watch.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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