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Released: 2006
Director: Kendo
Notes: Ruder Britannia / Erotic Flesh Productions
Alternate Titles
  • Squat On My Lens: Mad About MILFs Adult Channel XXX
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 113 mins.

English Soccer Moms is a strange title for this film. It has nothing to do with football and, though none of the girls are teenagers, of the four, only mature Linda could be put in the Mom category. The action is pure unscripted gonzo making it different from other Erotic Flesh work. The other big difference from Kendo's other films is the poor production quality.

Linda appears from the bathroom, a towel covering her dark red lingerie. After a brief chat about the cameraman never being there on time, she agrees to do a short show. Peeling down her bra she pushes her tits together and tweaks her nipples. The towel falls revealing her black stockings. Linda leans over the camera as she plays with her cunt. Wobbly camera work and views of the decor follow as Linda gets down on the floor and slips a translucent dildo between her legs. In a piece of poor editing a section from a different film (Poppy's Knob Noshers?) is spliced into the action, different room, different set-up and a guy!!! The film then jumps back to Linda on the floor, her pussy pulled open with a pink dildo inside. The scene ends with her squatting over the camera.

Big-breasted blonde Samantha Bond is next up. In her short black and pink dress she bends over to admire some plants, giving a view of her white cotton knicks. The next part of the scene is shot into the lights; so there are a lot of bleached colours as she uses a double shafted toy on her pussy and arse. Pascal arrives to lend a hand. Soon she is squirming as she orgasms. Pulling her panties part way down, Pascal soon has his cock in her pussy. Unfortunately, for most of the rest of the scene Samantha's knickers and knees obscure the action. Cowgirl, missionary, spoons - the panties still get in the way. Finally Pascal fires his cream over her face.

New girl Mynxxx sits on the piano stool in a loose fitting shirt and knee-length white socks. Standing over the camera, she drops her white panties to play with her pussy. Sitting down again she drips lube over her neatly trimmed pussy and inserts a white vibrator. She unclips her hair and it falls free as she plays with her pussy. Moving to the floor, Mynxxx has difficulty in unbuttoning her shirt, but eventually she gets the thing off. No sooner has she stripped than the film cuts to Mynxxx dressed again, rubbing her pussy as she stands over the camera.

Pascal sits on the arm of the sofa in his denims and cowboy hat. Propped up at the other end is Rebecca Jane, rubbing hard at the front of her blue spotty knickers. Pulling her panties to one side she slips four fingers into her pussy then lifts out her tits. Pascal gives her his cock to suck as he takes over the finger work. Rebecca Jane's pussy squelches as she runs Pascal's shaft over her face. Teasing her clit with his prick, Pascal thrusts deep into her wet hole. She drops her damp knickers on the floor and mounts him reverse. With a cock up her arse, Rebecca Jane slips a glass dildo into her pussy making her body shiver with pleasure. As she hangs off the sofa, Pascal hammers away at both her holes, her tits swaying with each thrust. Finally Pascal is ready to cum and he sprays his cream over Rebecca Jane's tongue.

The last scene finds Linda lying on a black silk sheet in her stockings and boots, her fingers implanted in her pussy. Pascal pops in and she starts to play with her tits as his hands explore between her legs. Undoing his pants, Linda laps at his cock and her tongue runs over the shaft. Linda wraps her legs around Pascal's waist and, with his cock in her pussy, he lifts her, placing her on the bed for a good fuck missionary. She chews on a dildo as her pussy is pounded. Shots of Linda being shagged spoons and cowgirl are partly blocked by knees and feet. Eventually Pascal pops his load into Linda's mouth. Normally that would be the end of the scene, but we get a further three minutes of Linda squatting on the lens pulling her knickers into her snatch.

This film looks very amateurish with its wobbly camera work, out-of-focus shots and poor angles. Not even the scene with Rebecca Jane, which was passable, redeems English Soccer Moms. When you see Kendo's name on a film you expect a certain standard, this falls far short ... leave it on the shelf.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

Bayleaf's view (July 2006):

Review copy courtesy of Rude Britannia

Nothing to do with Soccer and a bit unfair on all of the talent to call them all mums, but in a business where you can retire at 25 I suppose these women are now in the older category. However this film certainly proves that a woman's sexual peak is in her 30's as Kendo keeps up a line of chat and interaction with his subjects throughout all the scenes.

Linda is definitely MILF material. Initially interviewed in the kitchen wearing scarlet bra, pants and black stockings, she gives an exhibitionist show under instruction from the cameraman. Lots of close-ups as Linda strokes her pussy then opens it up with a dildo before giving the cameraman a BJ.

Sam Bond does indeed look stunning as she tends some pot plants wearing a tiny tight black and pink dress which I have seen in other sets. Beneath, and hardly covered by the dress, Sam wears big white cotton pants and we have a lot of low level close-ups of her pussy, latterly with dildos before Pascal arrives to give her a firm fucking on the carpet without removing her knickers. Eventually Pascal shoots over Sam's lips which have had a fresh application of lip gloss to take it.

Pretty Mynxxx gives another extended interview. Wearing just a white shirt and knickers, she plays with her pussy and pleasures herself with a dildo. Later in the scene she frees her long black hair to cascade over her shoulders as she squats naked on the floor forcing the dildo into her pussy. A very sexy performance which adds to the disappointment that this is a solo effort.

Pascal, in denim and a cowboy hat, sits on the sofa with Rebecca Smyth. Rebecca pulls her knickers aside for Pascal to finger her pussy and a decent sex scene begins. Rebecca pushes her fist into her pussy before allowing Pascal to fuck her while she is still fully dressed. More finger fucking intersperses the fucking on the sofa which eventually leads to anal and a dildo in Rebecca's pussy while Pascal's cock is lodged in her arse. Ends with Pascal wanking onto Rebecca's tongue.

Finally we return to Linda, who is fully dressed on her bed when Pascal arrives. Plenty more banter as Pascal removes Linda's top then starts to fuck her, soon lifting her for a standing fuck. Linda keeps her denim skirt, black stockings and white lacy knickers on throughout, but releases her firm enhanced breasts. After Pascal's cumshot, attention returns to some low level shots up Linda's skirt to end.

This film could easily disappoint as it has nothing to do with Soccer except that Linda shares a surname with a Chelsea and England keeper. Moreover it has none of Kendo's dark style and rubber fixations. However, closer inspection shows a strong fetishistic streak and Kendo pushes his lens up women's skirts to examine their pants. All the women, when fucked, keep their knickers on in this examination of thirtysomethings getting a hard fucking. One suspects that the title is opportunistic for a film about mature women and white panties. Good to see Rebecca Jane Smyth taking to boy/girl work with such relish and, unsurprisingly, Sam Bond and Linda Bonetti giving dirty shows. Mynxxx fits neatly into the age and sexuality profile which makes the lack of bg more keenly felt. This film has grown on me with further watching. Take a look.

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