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Released: 2006
Director: DiSanto
Notes: Killergram / Playhouse
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Running time: 135 mins.

In the second in the series European Blonde Ambitions, the Killergram team have collected six beautiful blondes and added a dash of Lolly Badcock for good measure, in one of their best films to date. The girls aren't short changed for cock either, with both the mighty Mr Shaft and similarly-sized Scorpion providing the man meat in the six scenes.

The film kicks off with Anjali filming and directing Jan Burton. Smiling, she tweaks her nipples through her black net dress. Easing out a boob, her hand slips into her tight black knickers and they are quickly removed. Turning on the white leather sofa, she is unfazed by the size of Shaft's 12 inches. Her tongue dances over the head as Anjali caresses his balls. Jan wraps her fingers around the girth as she sinks the length into her mouth. Crouching over the cock, she slowly wanks. Anjali pulls at Jan's pussy lips to prepare it for dick - Jan wants it inside her. Slowly easing her self down she takes it almost as far as the balls. She is surprised to take the whole length. Legs open, Jan is then filled missionary. She rolls on her side to shag spoons. Her pussy is really stretched when riding reverse. She turns to her favourite position doggy. As Mr Shaft bangs away Anjali plays with her tits, Jan is loving it and lies back for more. Shaft cums over Jan's face. She wants to try again... maybe next time.

In her knee-length boots and short denim skirt, Amber Leigh gyrates her hips. As she sits the skirt rides up to reveal her dark pink knickers. She slowly works them down her legs as her fingers tug at her neatly trimmed pubes. Summoning over Mr Shaft, she starts to suck. Amber's tongue laps up and down his member then, gagging, she fills her mouth. Her cheeks bulge. Unbuttoning her skirt and taking off her top, Amber licks her fingers. The wet digits are inserted into her pussy as Shaft jerks off into her mouth. With spunk dribbling over her chin, she scrapes it up.

Felicity kneels on the bed in her black top and skirt, pawing at the front of a bloke's jeans. Grabbing his dick, she swallows it as far as his balls. The motion makes her boobs pop out. Hiking up her skirt, she sits on his face and falls forward to 69. Felicity's cheeks glow rosy as the dick disappears down her throat and saliva dribbles over his balls. Pulling at her bum, the guy hammers hard into Felicity's pussy. Her tits bounce inches from his face. The two turn, Felicity tugging at her clit as she is fucked missionary. The duo move on, shagging spoons, reverse cowgirl and doggy. Flushed with excitement, Felicity yanks at the guy as she fingers herself. He creams in her mouth and it drips onto her tits.

Sitting on a windowsill in a hotel, Natalia draws on her cigarette while she waits to see what lies in store. Pulling her white silk panties to one side, she flashes her pussy at the camera. She is told to look in the bathroom. Semi-submerged, Scorpion lies in the bath, his cock sticking up hard and erect. Because of its size Natalia at first has difficulty wrapping her lips around the cheb, but with a change in angle it is soon past her tonsils. The two head for the bed to 69 and Scorpion's tongue darts and probes into Natalia's pussy as she sucks at his manhood. A tit wank and Natalia's knickers are off, Scorpion's fingers squelching in her damp pussy. His cock soon follows. Natalia spreads her legs to take more, then the two move to shagging spoons. The bed squeaks as, on all fours, Natalia is fucked from behind. She rolls over, arching her back as she is fucked. Natalia stares up with her big blue eyes as Scorpion jets into her mouth.

Suzie Best crawls over the floor in her red top and skirt. Then, peeling them off, she reveals matching red bra and knickers. She climbs onto the sofa to play with her tits. Her hand moves over her fanny as she pulls her panties tight into her snatch. Mr Shaft appears and she strokes his rod and laps at his balls before popping the head of his dick in her mouth. Encouraged by Lolly Badcock, who is sitting in the background wanking, Suzie forces the dick past her tonsils. Turned on by Suzie's deep throat action, Lolly stretches herself wide and jabs in three fingers. The Shaft fires his load over Suzie's tongue, she scoops it off to massage into her tits.

Blue-eyed Kyla Kroft is the last girl in the film. In her nylon and black-buckled one-piece and boots, she rolls around the floor teasing her nipples and pussy. She undoes her halter-neck top and it falls clear of her well proportioned breasts. She is ready for Mr Shaft. Cupping his balls in her hand, Kyla runs her tongue around the tip of his dick. Grabbing tight hold she then thrusts it into her mouth. Shaft twists to play with her pussy. Stripped to her belt and boots, Kyla slides down Shaft's pole, her bum thwacking his thighs as she rides. Shaft picks up Kyla and bounces her on his dick. Then she is placed down so he can fuck her doggy over the arm of the sofa. Mounting the Shaft again, Kyla enjoys the ride. Eventually he is ready to fire and she takes his cream over her tits. It runs into her cleavage.

This film shows that Killergram can produce high quality work, well shot, well lit and with hot steamy action. Amber and Suzie also prove a girl doesn't have to be fucked in every scene for the film to be successful. DiSanto and Anjali should be applauded for that. A great two-hours-plus watch and well worth getting.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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