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Released: 2007
Director: Phil Barry
Notes: Pumpkin Films
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Running time: 129 mins.

Placing the girls on fur rugs and sheepskins, Phil Barry has softened the focus for his film Erotique. Dressed in their finery and bedecked with jewels, the mood may be subtle but the two Michelles (B and Thorne), Suzie Best and Laura Michaels, make sure the action is hot.

Blonde Cyprus runs her hands over her black net basque and towards her knickers. Peeling down her top, her nipples harden as her fingers press into her pussy. Caressing her body, Jay kisses her. Cyprus wraps her legs round his torso, pulling him towards her boobs. Working his way towards her pussy, Jay tongues and probes. Dripping wet, Cyprus squirms and moans. Bending over Jay, she holds his prick. Guiding it towards her mouth, Cyprus swallows. She lowers herself onto Jay's cock and they fuck. The couple run through an assortment of positions - spoons, doggy, missionary - before Cyprus takes Jay's cum on her tits.

In their sexy black lingerie, Michelle Thorne and Angela investigate each other's bodies with their tongues. Hands set out to explore boobs and pussies. Pulling Angela's panties aside, Michelle presses her lips against her clit. Manoeuvring, Michelle's fanny hovers over Angela's face. She falls forward as she is licked. The girls 69. In a flurry of fingers and tongues, the two prod and lap. Michelle eases a double-ended dong into her pussy, letting Angela lick at the juices. Wanking away with the blue toy, the duo climax. Kissing, they fall back onto the brown fur.

Laura kneels in her black bra and panties, her hands touching her naked flesh. She is approached by a guy. Without uttering a word, she unbuttons his shirt and feels his firm chest. Undoing her bra, the guy bites at Laura's pert boobs. His trousers down, her tongue dances over the head of his cheb. Reaching for Laura's bum, the two roll over. She tweaks her tits as she's fingered. Turning onto their sides, Laura takes the guy deep between her legs. She pushes herself up to ride him cowgirl. Biting her lip, Laura swings round on the cock, rhythmically rocking reverse. Dropping on to all fours, the session ends doggy style. Laura twists to catch the guy's cream on her face.

Dressed in red, Michelle B gazes across the room as her hands stroke her nylon clad legs. Seeing her breasts heaving, Keni joins Michelle on the rug and buries his head in her boobs. Stripping Keni, the couple embrace. He wheedles his way toward Michelle's pussy and munches at her blonde pubes. Stooping, Michelle feeds Keni's shaft deep down her throat. The two settle down to 69. Shagging spoons is followed by action on all fours. Michelle takes charge, climbing onto Keni for reverse cowgirl riding. Ready to cum, Keni jets his jizz into Michelle's mouth.

Suzie lies in her scarlet lingerie, her fingers down her panties. Danny crouches between her legs breathing in her scent before sucking at her clit. Suzie's legs flex and stiffen as Danny's tongue darts back and forth. Rolling Suzie onto her stomach, Danny pops his prick between Suzie's lips. Her head bobs up and down on his shaft. Her shoes hanging off her feet, Suzie slips Danny's dick past her red knickers and rides reverse. She screws round to face him. Spoons, doggy and missionary follow. The scene culminates with Danny jerking his load into Suzie's mouth.

Laura gets a second bite of the cherry in the final scene, appearing with Roxanne. Pulling down her pink silk top, she teases her nipples. The girls kiss, their tongues intertwining. Roxanne makes her move, nibbling at Laura's breasts. Fingers make their way towards fannies. With Laura lapping at her panties, Roxannes starts to quiver. A silver vibrator brings her to orgasm. Falling back, the pair 69. Roxanne buries her head between Laura's legs. The two end by grinding their pussies together and collapsing with pleasure.

Filming a whole movie on the same set can be a bit of a risk. Here it works. Phil Barry shows his skill, shooting a mixture of boy/girl and girl/girl scenes in a collage where images fade into each other against a neutral backdrop. Well lit and well performed, the only thing which slightly mars the air of elegant erotic sophistication is the number of ladders and tears in the girls' stockings. Not one girl had a pair without a hole!! A very small distraction in an otherwise good film.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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