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Released: 2009
Director: Gary 'tas' B
Notes: Nectas / Union Films
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Running time: 90 mins.

Nectas and Union have jumped onto the MILF bandwagon with their version of girls in stockings. Five 'more mature' women find themselves in a series of situations which gets them down to their nylons for sex.

Standing in the kitchen, Sophie watches as an engineer repairs her washing machine. It's not a cheap job and she wants to know if there is any way to reduce the price. Slipping off her white top, she starts to unbutton his shirt. With his head pressed against Sophie's boobs there may be room for negotiation. Skirt and panties off, Sophie climbs onto the kitchen counter in her stockings and boots and spreads her legs. The engineer parts her pussy lips and licks. Running her hand over the guy's dick, Sophie takes it deep into her mouth. She bends forward to be fucked. Juices squirt out as she's entered. Back on the work bench, the pair bang away till the engineer is ready to cum. Sophie drops to the floor to collect his cum on her face and breasts.

Approaching the owner of a bar, Angel falls to her knees to paw at his pants. Dismissing the staff, she pulls out his prick and sucks. Her fingers clasped tightly round his length, Angel jerks and tugs the dick between her lips. Lifting her up onto the bar, the owner pulls Angel's black panties aside. His tongue teases her pierced clit. Dress and bra discarded, Angel turns for more licking before going down on all fours to be filled from behind. With her boobs squashed against the bar, the two hammer home hard. Angel jerks the guy's jizz over her neck and tits.

Lounging in an untidy room, Tina is disturbed by her new neighbour who's popped round to borrow some milk. Sitting beside Tina on the sofa, he coughs and splutters as his hand reaches for her black panties. Some more wheezing, and some creaking from the camera crew too, as they wander round the room with his dick in Tina's mouth. Knickers off, Tina holds her trimmed snatch in the guy's face to be licked. Legs on either side of him, she grinds down on his length. The two shuffle round on the sofa. Tina ends up hanging over the arm while being taken doggy. Forgetting about the milk, the neighbour leaves his cream all over Tina's face.

In her short black dress, fishnets and long shiny boots, Samantha may not be what the two TV executives had in mind when looking for a day time presenter. Although, she may have other assets which they want to explore. Lifting up her dress, she flashes her pussy. The boys' hands shoot up her skirt and they start to finger. Easing their trousers down, Samantha crams both cocks between her lips, then lets the pair lick away. On hands and knees and with a guy at each end, Samantha fucks and sucks. Getting one executive on the couch, she lowers herself onto his shaft. Turned over onto her back, the second executive takes her missionary style, thrusting in hard. The first load of spunk is shot onto Samantha's face. She takes the second batch on her tits.

Chantelle has invited a member of staff into her office. She is pleased to tell him that he has just passed his exams. She emerges from behind her desk. She has something special to present him with and grabs the front of his pants. Knob out, Chantelle wraps her lips round the head and sucks. Her cheeks go in as she take the length down her throat. Her tight top undone, she traps the wet cheb in her cleavage and starts to wank it. Spread out on the desk, Chantelle invites the guy to enter her. The two roll over and she ends up on top. Kneeling on a chair, Chantelle wants her arse filled. The boy bangs away at her bum. Mouth open, Chantelle accepts his cum on her tongue.

Whilst the film does have its moments, there are far too many badly framed and out of focus shots, mixed in with contrast changes, to over look. You also have to feel sorry for Tina. Her stud had a severe bout of coughing every time she went near. Sadly, mediocre performances matched with some sloppy production puts English MILFs In Stockings near the bottom of the 'must watch again' list.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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