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Released: 2010
Director: Phil Barry
Notes: Pumpkin Films
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Running time: 116 mins.

After thumbing through his archives, Phil Barry has released these scenes shot in 2006 when he was trying to find Britain's most extreme housewives. The five girls selected here seem to fit the bill.

Paul sits on a couch as Cyprus Isle (as Isabelle) puts on her make-up. They tell of their ambition to make a porn movie. Cyprus settles down on the sofa beside Paul. He pulls at her black top and squeezes her boobs as she squats. Yanking down her knickers, Paul fingers and laps at Cyprus's shaven love cleft. His tongue works its way to her arse. Unbuckling Paul's jeans, Cyprus licks and laps along his shaft and balls. The head of his dick disappears between her lips. Lying back on the couch, Cyprus is filled missionary. Next, she sits up to ride Paul's prick. Easing his fingers into Cyprus's arse, Paul bangs into her pussy doggy style. Lifted up, Cyprus hangs from Paul's neck. He thrusts deep between her legs. Dropping to the floor, Paul shoots his load over Cyprus's face.

Kneeling on the bed, Amber and John chat to Phil about her horny housewife life. She lifts her top to have her nipples sucked through her sexy black bra. Wriggling out of her skin tight jeans, Amber invites John to lick his way up her thighs until he reaches her pussy. Crouching on all fours, Amber fills her face with John's cheb, then sinks down on the wet length. Banging away reverse, Amber's breasts bounce out of her bra. She screws round to face John. Her boobs press into his body as she rides. Turned onto her side, the two screw spoons. Arms and legs flail. Doggy action is followed by some missionary work. John fires his cum over Amber's stomach.

Wearing fishnet stockings, Madison (as Alison) introduces her younger partner, Ben. She's excited about appearing on camera. Lifting up Madison's top, Ben suck at her boobs. The turquoise bra clashes with her bright yellow skirt. Parting Madison's legs, Ben tongues at her shaven slit and slips in a finger or two. The pair move to the floor where she swallows his shaft, then traps his damp dick between her tits. Stepping out of her knickers, Madison settles on Ben's cock. She climbs off to taste her own juices. On her hands and knees, among sheepskin cushions, Madison is taken from behind. The session ends with some spoons action before Madison's face and tits are spattered with spunk.

With Allie's husband out at work, Phil has arranged for stud Alex to see how extreme a housewife she can be. Lifting her jumper, Alex squeezes Allie's boobs as they nestle in her bra. She leans forward to unzip his pants. Slowly moving down Allie's body, Alex pulls at her panties and shoves his tongue into her smooth snatch. Taking his cock in her mouth, Allie falls back on the sofa, sucking. Slipping Alex's dick past her knickers, Allie rides reverse. Panties discarded, she remounts cowgirl. The couple run through their repertoire of sexual positions with vigour and energy, banging away spoons, doggy and missionary. Finally, Allie jerks at Alex's cock till he fills her mouth with jizz. A few drops drip from her chin.

Relaxing on a red covered bed, Kate and Matt introduce themselves. Giggling, the pair paw at each other's clothes. Matt's fingers find their way to Kate's fanny. Lifting Kate's skirt, Matt fondles Kate's bruised bum then pulls at her top to squeeze her pert boobs. He bites at her nipples. The pair slowly strip. Moistening Kate's pussy, Matt buries his face to lick. Sitting back, Kate licks at Matt's length then falls on all fours to be fucked from behind. Matt's pale frame thrusts against Kate's tanned body as he enters her, missionary. Kate lowers herself onto Matt's length before falling onto her side for some spoon action. A quick thrash of missionary and Matt coats Kate's boobs with his cream.

This film lacks the banter at the start of scenes which is normally the hallmark of a Phil Barry movie. Extreme Housewives also has technical flaws with some close-ups being slightly out of focus, as well as 'lumpy' editing in places. As a film, Extreme Housewives is adequate rather than excellent.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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