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This is a three-hour compilation, with music as the sound track, of coloured girls from the Fiona Cooper stable.

There are 15 scenes in the video with each scene lasting between 10 and 14 minutes. The review is in scene order.

  • FC's Mandy (A270). Bedroom scene. Enthusiastic with her dildo.
  • Baljit (FC's Petra V727). Bedroom scene. Lots of rubbing of various body parts; breasts, body and thighs but nothing more extensive.
  • Satinder (FC's Aimee V104). Bath scene. Lotion before her bath then lots of sponging and soaping of various body parts but nothing more extensive.
  • FC's Collette (A151). Bedroom chair scene including Teddy Bear and a dildo which she sucks provocatively. Some masturbation but they end the clip just as the scene starts to get interesting.
  • Unidentified FC girl. Settee scene. Enthusiastic use of a dildo as well as some single fingers.
  • FC's Lesley (X74). Settee scene. This girl has large natural breasts. Some masturbation.
  • Unidentified FC girl. Bedroom scene. A minimal amount of masturbation in this scene which also includes some rubbing against a bedknob through her knickers.
  • Unidentified FC girl. Bedroom scene. A minimal amount of masturbation by this girl who has a faint red and green tattoo on her right butt cheek.
  • Unidentified FC girl. Living Room scene. Some masturbation but why is she doing it in such a way that it's difficult to tell what she's actually doing? Same applies in terms of use of fingers; maybe but probably not.
  • Rasheen Kerim-Koram (FC's Sabina V710). Bedroom scene. Some masturbation in this scene which starts as she wakes up and then proceeds until she realises the time and has to get dressed to go out.
  • Unidentified FC girl. Bedroom scene. Some masturbation and possible use of fingers although difficult to be sure due to the way that the early videos were sometimes shot.
  • FC's Jacqui (X185 and A448 Hopefuls 12). This clip is from a video that was released in September 2000 so this writer suspects that Fiona Cooper had held the release back, maybe for up to two years. Bedroom scene, nurses uniform. Nothing much happens in this scene other then the viewer getting to see this girls body.
  • Sam [5] (FC's Zemord X100). Office scene. This scene includes masturbation and enthusiastic use of a dildo.
  • Rani (V576). Bedroom scene, nurses uniform. Other than stripping to fully nude Rani does nothing much else in this clip.
  • FC's Mandy (A270). Bedroom scene. Same girl as in the first scene. This time she's covering her body with lotion.

Reviewed by John.

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