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Released: 2000
Alternate Titles
  • Lord Muck: Fantasy Manor
Notes and Reviews

Lord Muck Productions

Introduced and linked by Marino (Mario Franchi) as the butler in the manor house of Chris News (Chris Knight). Georgette Neale is the lady of the manor and Laura Turner, Claire Grey (Goldie McHawn) and Sarah Robinson (Sarah Horky) are the maids in shiny black PVC maid outfits.

Laura Turner is sucking off Marino when their employer returns in his limousine with his wife and is annoyed that his butler does not meet him at the door to carry his case. He finds Marino and Laura at it, tells them off and then tells them to continue and then joins in. The b/b/g scene ends with Laura taking simultaneous facials. Marino can act - at least in comparison with Chris News he can and Laura puts on her usual cheeky grin as she is being scolded. It almost seems as if she is laughing at Chris News's attempts at acting.

Marino then explains what is about to happen in the next scene.

The chauffeur discovers Sarah shaving her pubes in the bathroom and she encourages him to stay and watch and ends up fucking him, concluding by taking a facial.

Another Marino link, tending to exaggerate the passion of the scenes he is introducing.

Claire Grey is chased into a bedroom by the handyman, finding Georgette having lesbian sex with Laura. I tend to agree with the American reviewer who uses the phrase 'lesbian scene alert'; so I skimmed through this, but it includes the use of a two-ended dildo.

Marino explains that the girls regard the handyman as a pervert and that Laura and Sarah tease and punish him.

We then see them exposing themselves to him at the window while he is peeling vegetables outside. They go out and use carrots on each other. They then adjourn to the bathroom where they tie him up while he is lying in the tub. They give him a bit of oral, but mainly they dominate him and pay attention to each other - mild fisting - and piss on him, though in the case of Sarah it is just what she has filled her pussy with from a kettle.

Another Marino link sets up the final orgy (from which Laura Turner is absent) where the lord of the manor makes them all (his wife and two maids with the butler and chauffeur) perform for him and then joins in while the handyman wanks behind a curtain. The combinations are too many to list, but Georgette takes an anal and she and Sarah take facials.

This video is not realistic enough to be truly erotic but is quite good porn. It is not just straight interview and get down to it - simple sexual situations are created without it pretending to be an action movie or great drama as many American films try and fail to do.

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