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Notes and Reviews

This video gives us about 25 minutes of Jamila Davis with three men, one of whom retires early from the fray to be replaced by the third man, Storm, a South African who has worked with One-Eyed Jack. The box cover blurb lies and says there is anal - sometimes I think that people assume that if the girl is taken from behind this means anal. Then there follows a girl, probably an amateur, who gives a blowjob to a bloke on a couch. The director seems to be over fond of making the girls bend at the waist to give head to a sitting male and then to photograph the event from between her legs.

Direction and camera work are poor - for example, the video starts with Jamila masturbating seen from the side which is fine as a tease, but this is never seen front on. This is edited too much and rather disjointedly. Very basic stuff though the picture quality is good. It could do with some narrative. If a few minutes were taken to set up a situation then it would be sexier. Even some of the people who send in stuff to Your Choice for Viewers Wives do this sometimes.

The box says 1 hour. Actually it's 48 minutes before the blue screen appears and that includes at least 5 minutes of previews, some at the start and some at the end, though these feature some interesting girls.

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