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Notes: STB H-1094
Alternate Titles
  • Freddie's English Schoolgirl Fuckers 1
Notes and Reviews

A mixture of gonzo and stationary camera stuff except for the first main scene and part of the second.

We see the entrance to a school with the voice of the cameraman explaining he is waiting for one of the schoolgirls who is interested in doing a video. Meanwhile he says, we can see what happened when he video'ed a photo shoot in Newcastle.

Cut to Carly G in red tartan miniskirt walking along the Tyne towards the studio. There she is photographed glamour style, then in harder poses until finally the cameraman joins in. A standard m/f scene follows with cumshot over her pussy.

In the second scene we see a hard-faced blonde ('Evie') in schoolgirl uniform reading the Sport and complaining she is bored. She masturbates but is interrupted by the doorbell, Freddie has arrived in search of her sister who models for him. She persuades him to let her try modelling and a sex scene follows in her bedroom until they are interrupted by the arrival of her boyfriend, Freddie hiding in the wardrobe with his camera and filming the girl and her balding, tattooed 'boy' friend having sex on the bed to facial.

Back outside the school, the blonde (Claire Astbury) finally comes out the back way down a fire escape and Freddie follows her into the park and chats her up, persuading her to model for him. There is some posing on a park bench then they go back to the flat.

Meanwhile he says we can see what happened when he photographed her friend.

Her friend is Shakina who arrives at Freddie's house in schoolgirl uniform and is shown some examples of his work. The sequence posing, groping, sex follows, but Shakina gets into it and operates the remote control of the stationary camera herself. We see her pissing in the loo and about to take a facial which must have been so poor it was cut.

Finally we see Claire in the bedroom of a flat posing, teasing herself with a coke bottle and having sex with Freddie. Again there is no real cumshot.

The girls in this video deserve a better performance from the males, both as studs and as cameraman/director.

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