< Fat Freddie's English Fuckers 2

Director: Fat Freddie
Notes: STB H-1169
Alternate Titles
  • Freddie's British Sluts 1 R18 DVD available Load XXX
Notes and Reviews

Begins with views of a beach in North-East England where he says he is there to video a girl who has written to him, but meanwhile we can see:

  • Unnamed manageress of bookmaker's (Skye) - brunette, glasses, good looking, Geordie accent. Strips out of her red suit, masturbates, finger penetration by Freddie who joins her on the couch - shown with stationary camera. She sits on his face and he puts a finger up her arse. They move to the bedroom where they go through the positions including anal and she has suddenly acquired white knee socks. No visible cumshot, but I was fast forwarding and may have missed it.
  • Michelle (Elizabeth Pearly), spotted in a busy shopping street and says she is a foreign exchange student from the Czech Republic. Back at the house she readily agrees to do everything on camera and the same sequence as the first scene unfolds, but without anal and with facial.
  • A tall black girl in schoolgirl uniform (Cheryl Roberts) has lost her mum's housekeeping money and agrees to do some modelling. The sequence follows with a very brief anal and cumshot over her backside.
  • We meet the girl who has written to him - "Holly" (Tori) a small slim blonde married woman, but possibly familiar. Her husband returns just as the strip is beginning to move to sex and agrees to the video if he is the one performing. We then see her using a dildo on the bed and giving a blowjob to the cameraman (her husband?). Then we see the husband with Holly on the couch to facial.

In the use of a stationary camera these videos are a bit like those of Marcus Allen and in the chat up stuff outside they are reminiscent of Tamara videos, but better than Marcus Allen in that there is an attempt to create some sort of situation and better than Tamara in that they do go on to full sex, though they could still be a lot better.

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