< Forbidden Dreams R18

Released: 1999
Director: Tanya Hansen
Notes and Reviews

Another Tanya Hansen film featuring British performers, though not as many as is claimed in the credits - Sahra Ellmore and Chloe Monroe do not appear.

The device of Tanya Hansen daydreaming is used to show various sex scenes mostly involving Tanya Hansen.

After an introductory sequence involving Mark Cremona as her butler, she lies on a sofa indoors and her reading turns to daydreaming.

  • She is lying by the pool in white thigh boots which Mark wanks over. Back to the sofa and she is watched masturbating by the maid, Kelly Hearne.
  • Lesbian scene with Kelly Hearne on a bed with Tanya still in her white thigh boots.
  • Full m/f scene of Tanya with Mark outdoors including anal.
  • On her boat Tanya picks up a swimmer and has sex with him.
  • Tanya dreams of watching Steve Thorpe and two girls. One of these is Carissa Brown (credited as Sarah Love) and the other is a Norwegian girl. The latter gets involved only in caressing Steve and by him going down on her, but Carissa is licked, fucked and takes a facial.
  • Tanya fetches the black gardener (Karl) in from the garden and fucks him, including anal.
  • Tanya has sex with Mark on the sofa while Kelly Hearne and a male watch and then go to it themselves.

This film looks as if they were using up scenes that didn't make it into Secret Desires or Licensed to Thrill.

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