< Fat Freddie's English Fuckers 3

Director: Fat Freddie
Notes: STB H-1234
Alternate Titles
  • Freddie's British Sluts 8 R18 DVD available Load XXX
Notes and Reviews
  • Holly Wiltshire as a blonde schoolgirl who is seen masturbating when there is a ring at the door - Freddie has come round to see her dad. She has heard he makes naughty videos and quizzes him about it and asks to appear in one. Masturbation, strip, sex in various positions including a lot of frigging.
  • On the sea front waiting to meet a newspaper reporter who is going to interview him. She is Lianne Young (calling herself Billie). She interviews him and she tries out the experience of being a model - usual stuff with weak cumshot over her behind. Unusual for this even to be visible. Freddie's videos would be a lot better if he used similar scenarios but hired a stud as well.
  • Lara Latex is a schoolteacher who tells him off for making videos with her pupils - until she hears how much they get paid. Then she wants to have a go herself. This leads to the usual scene.
  • Ann McCormick as Sarah has a car breakdown and Freddie invites her back to use the phone. She asks about all the filming equipment, hears what type of videos he makes and again wants to try it. In spite of her hollow-eyed look, this is the sexiest scene in the video and includes anal, but again the cumshot is invisible.

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