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Director: David Carter
Notes: Shiva
Alternate Titles
  • Fuck Fest 2000: First Time Babes 1 David Carter Productions
Notes and Reviews

David Carter (producer of The Servant series for TVX, among other things) takes a stud round to audition potential female performers.

  • Ayo Bokkini and Steve Hooper. Cum in mouth.
  • Carrie [3] and Leon ditto plus anal.
  • Mirka (East European, at the home of Zara [3] who also asks to be auditioned) and Steve Hooper ditto.
  • Unlisted brunette and Steve Hooper facial.
  • Zara [3], wearing a little bell attached to the ring on her clit, and Steve Hooper. Frigged to a squirting climax, fisted, facial.

Each scene is about 15 minutes, beginning with a short interview and well shot, vigorous sex. It is particularly welcome to see full uncensored hard core from Ayo. There is said to be more on the way. I hope so.

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