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Released: 2001
Notes and Reviews

Review copy courtesy of Phil McCavity.

Episode 9

Jan Burton & Laura Hawkins, allegedly in Maidstone

Jan in white and Laura in red go into a newsagent and buy a newspaper, what relevance this has to the film God knows!

Introduce themselves as lap-dancers when questioned in the motor-home, general chit chat about life as a lapdancer and what happens to punters who get too touchy feely. Laura leans back, opens her legs and displays her shiny red panties. Jan the first to get her top off and after a little caressing Laura starts licking/sucking Jan's breasts, bit of kissing then Jan returns the favour on Laura, more mutual tit caressing, kissing and crotch rubbing, both giggling like schoolgirls. Laura stands up and takes her skirt off whilst Jan removes her hotpants and is the first totally nude apart from her boots. Laura fingers Jan and the camera picks up on a drop of pussy juice dripping out of Jan's pussy, Laura's finger, covered in pussy juice, sniffed by male. Change of position to doggy style for more fingering by Laura and licking of Jan's pussy. Swap places and Laura has her pussy licked by Jan through her knickers, which are soon pulled aside for direct finger and tongue contact, separately and together. Laura's panties removed by male and sniffed by Phil McC. Both girls fingering themselves. Baby oil dribbled onto the girls and rubbed in by them, brief vibro action but no insertion just yet.

Laura uses a large vibro and Jan a double-ended dildo, Laura sits on the other end of the double ender in Jan's pussy, strap-on next out of the toy box and used by Jan on Laura doggy style, reverse cowgirl Laura on top. Vibrator on Jan by male, continued by Laura with thumb on clit and tongue. '69' with Laura on top. Jan uses a vibro on Laura and toying with Laura's clit. Although there are scenes with excited male organs this film is solely girl on girl action.

Episode 10

Venue: Hastings, girl: Nicole [2] (La Toya)

Nicole, a dark haired girl with Spanish/Italian background shown working in a bar wearing a see-through white dress. In the fuck truck she pulls up her dress to her panties underneath her suspender belt. Takes dress off and is groped by Mark and Steve, turns round to show her ass and spanked a couple of times by both blokes and has her ass kissed by Steve, she turns to face camera and bends down to display her ample cleavage, bra pulled down and tits unleashed. Both tits sucked one by each bloke.

Suspender belt and panties taken off but stockings left on. Fingered and pussy licking by Steve whilst in doggy position and white vibro inserted to a wet pussy, ass licked/tongue fucked by Steve and vibro in pussy. Gives a bj to Steve and gets fucked by Mark in doggy, reverse cowgirl on Mark then Steve gets bj, Steve in doggy and Mark bj. Cowgirl on Steve, bj on Mark, missionary on Mark - bj on Steve. Spoons with Mark and bj on Steve. Bra has been taken off between position changes. Bj on Phil McC, doggy by Mark. Bj on Mark to completion, doggy by Steve then swap ends. Facial by Steve as Phil McC in doggy who cums on her tits.

Reviewed by Shaun

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