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Notes and Reviews

Review copy courtesy of Phil McCavity.

Episode 11

Starring Cathy Palmer, Mark & Steve

Cathy is picked up from a car rental establishment, clambers about inside the FT showing her white g-string with plenty of groping by Mark. Changes into spangly dress with white bra visible beneath. Cathy plays with her pussy through her black panties with Mark and Steve stroking her legs, turns round and shows her ass. Slips her dress off shoulders and has her breasts weighed by Mark & Steve, bra soon off and Steve sucks her nipples whilst Mark plays with them. Stands up and takes dress off and shows bum off to the camera, mild spanking and g-string pulled aside to reveal unicorn tattoo. Sits on Steve's lap and gives Mark bj. Mark fucks Cathy while Steve gets a bj, all stood up. Reverse cowgirl on Mark, then doggy by Mark while giving bj to Steve. Mark gets bj; Steve fucks her doggy style. Mark fucks her doggy whilst she blows Phil, then Phil fucks her and Mark gets a blowjob. Mark gets wanked/sucked to completion; semi facial rubs it into her breasts, Steve cums on her tits and likewise so does Phil.

Notes by Shaun

The second scene (Episode 13) features an unlisted French model.

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