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Notes and Reviews

Review copy courtesy of Phil McCavity.

Episode 12

Starring Nicole, filmed in Colchester, Essex!!

Opening scene with Nicole in red bra and panties, lots of papa/Nicole jokes from the Renault ad! Mark and Steve groping Nicole. Mark gets to work at the business end with his hands and tongue, Steve might be getting a blowjob, but we can't see to be sure, however Mark does, while Steve licks her arse/pussy. Steve uses a double dildo on Nicole's shaven pussy. Mark gets to fuck her reverse cowgirl and Nicole is very vocal at this point. Changes to cowgirl and gives Steve oral. Mark fucks her doggy, Steve watches and Phil gets a blowjob. Mark and Phil swap positions. Mark gets to fuck her arse in reverse cowgirl. Mark back in her pussy and Phil in her mouth in doggy position. Mark back up her arse and Phil still in her mouth. Phil lies down to get his blowjob, perhaps at his age the hips aren't what they used to be. DP with Mark in her pussy and Phil up her arse while in doggy position. Both Mark and Phil cum over her mouth/neck and Nicole ejects a mouthful of what is supposed to be cum.

Episode 14

Lianne pre-boob op, dressed in black hotpants and crop-top, opening scene with Mark, lists her occupation as a probation officer, which is true. Pulls up her top and her bra down to display her tits and to lick her nipples. Sticks her hand down her shorts to play with herself briefly and has trouble undoing the zip on her shorts. With her shorts round her knees, Mark is sucking her nipples and Phil is playing hide the finger(s). Mark is the first to receive oral attention from Lianne. Phil continues his game of hide the finger then Mark gets a vibro out and uses it on Lianne while she gives Phil a blowjob. Phil starts fucking Lianne while she gives Mark a blowjob whilst in the doggy position. A change of position to reverse cowgirl with Mark fucking and Phil getting sucked. Cowgirl with Mark underneath. She changes to doggy and a double ender gets brought out of the toy cupboard and into her pussy then into her arse, with Phil getting a blowjob, then in reverse cowgirl Phil fucks her arse, Mark completes the DP into her pussy. Phil slips into her pussy so we get a DPP. Phil fucks her arse in doggy position. She lies on her back with Phil fucking her, Steve and Phil give her a facial, Steve's first appearance in this film.

above notes by Shaun

The truck goes to meet Lianne Young (Billie Britt on the cover) in Sutton, London. This was filmed before she started messing about with her hair colour and breast size and she looks at her best. There is the usual initial interview where she tells her story of being a probation officer wanting to be a pornstar and then virtually takes over the audition, saying the question is whether the lads can keep up with her. She's not kidding! She takes on Mark, Phil and a dildo in various combinations, including a reverse cowgirl DP and DPP, doggy and RC anal, double bj and cumshots over face and tits. She obviously started as she meant to go on - stealing scenes.

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